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Fresh Sardines and Salad – A Meal

Fresh sardines are nothing like the oily, salty things that come out of a tin (although there is a place for tinned sardines — more as an accent to salads, and perhaps, like anchovies, to pizza. Or, as a protein … Continue reading

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New Morning Health Food Store

In Woodbury, Connecticut, there’s arguably the best health food store in western Connecticut — if there is another it is probable I haven’t been to it yet.  (Post, and advise me!) New Morning  just moved from its outgrown old location … Continue reading

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2010 in Review

As seen from the eyes of a foodie. Last winter I really wanted to get dirty in the veggie garden, but since the ground was frozen, I limited myself to … sprouts!!!  Broccoli sprouts, mung bean sprouts, daikon sprouts, the … Continue reading

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