June 17, 2018:  I moved in to my homestead property in western Massachusetts on December 11th, with my three cats (a ragdoll and two American curls).  I promptly went into surgery on my knee for a benign but large tumor on the 14th (necessitating a few days of hospital stay), and became a legal resident of Massachusetts on December 30th.

Winter was spent waiting for it to stop sn*wing, for me to start driving again, and doing physical therapy to regain range of motion and strength in my leg.  And, making plans.

On May 3rd, we (the cats and I) were joined by eight day-old broiler chicks.  They’re not Cornish Cross, but they will grow fast and furious.  Just not as fast and furiously.  GOOD.

Eleven laying chicks arrived on May 8th, although one of these is technically not a layer, as he’s the future rooster of the laying lot.  I still don’t know which one he is, other than that he should be one of the silver-laced Wyandottes.

So, ATM, we are now 23 vertebrate critters living on my farmstead, at least inside the house.  I see a variety of deer, wild turkeys, salamanders, and other critters outside on my property so far this year.  Not to mention a luna moth and certain other moths.  Last fall, Monarch Butterflies hatched here.  Yea team!  Yes, there’s an indigenous population of milkweed, which I try to encourage although it likes growing where it may get run over.

The below are a list of my Homesteading Post links that I plan to add more and more to this blog as time goes on.  Farming, gardening, DIY projects, and various other notions.   At the top of this page I will add dated events/discussions as they occur, and I get around to writing about them.

Feedback encouraged!!!  And I will update this page reasonably regularly.  Check back ever so often if you are inclined.

Black Australorpe, chick, poultry, homesteading

Black Australorpe chick

Raising Up Poultry

This year, it’s chickens, both broilers and layers.  Next year, I would like to add in guinea fowl, for their tick-eating fixation.  Post links are in ascending date order of occurrence.

Baby Chicks are Thriving

Laying Chicken News Update

Arrival of the Chicken Coop & Tractor!

Mammalian Livestock

Won’t begin to happen until 2019.  Thinking alpaca, Shetland and/or Soay sheep, goats.  Not everything at once, of course!  No dairy.  I am soooo NOT milking day in and day out.  No posts in this category for a while!  You have to walk before you can fly.

Finger Lime, Scallop, Recipe

Home grown Australian lime, just prior to plucking.

Growing the Vegetable Kingdom

Tips and tricks for getting the MOST out of your veggie patch.  Or your fruit trees/bushes. Fruits will be first, true vegetables second in the lineup.  I’m especially no expert on fruit trees yet — last year was my first to have them aboard, but perhaps this year will provide a difference.  I am HOPING.   For some reason, I’ve not really posted about growing my own veggies yet.

Container Citrus Trees  – They’ve just arrived when I made that post, so no info on longevity in this post.  (Note, as of June 15th 2018, they are still alive, but not prolific by any means.)

Of Apple and Olive Trees – They’ve just arrived when I made that post, so no info on longevity in this post.  (Note, as of June 15th 2018, they are still alive, but not prolific by any means.)

The Australian Finger Lime (Paired with Scallops) – A sampling of a finger lime I grew here.

Growing & Using Herbs

For whatever reason, they’ll get their own category.  Alphabetical.

Foraging for Meals

I plan to do more and more foraging, and will search through my past blog posts for other appropriate links, too.  To be listed alphabetically by primary forage material.

Wild Raspberry Season and Reminiscing on a Past

Putting Food By

Canning, dehydrating, long term storage.  Perhaps even references to quality products I’ve bought for long term storage.  Some years ago, but not that many, much of this town was out of power for 2-3 weeks.  I’ve lived through power outages back in my old suburban town in Connecticut as well.  While I’ll have backups, it will be nice to not have to worry much about going anywhere…  Plus, with farming and being relatively self-sufficient in New England, winter months don’t give you much in the way of good produce, unless you take action.  Organization will be by preservation method.

Dehydrating Fruit: Strawberries or Grape Tomatoes

Outbuildings and Farm Equipment

On the horizon…  Potentially blocking my view??

Simple DIY Projects

Simple indoor projects that can be useful whether or not you are homesteading, farming, or anything else.   I haven’t decided how these links will be arranged just yet.

Refurbishing a Good Wooden Kitchen Cutting Board

Critters Stopping By for Photography

Just Because.  These won’t always get linked back to a post, because it is the visual record of them running around here that more or less matters.  At least to me.  (I will try to remember to date these photos.)


Don’t know how this category will be used or not, but.  At any rate, I am thinking energy use discussions might go here, at least briefly until and when I decide to break them out. And, so forth.