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Long term foodie and putative more-recent homesteader.

These are sites I’ve found worthwhile to follow/read.

New sites and links will be added as desired or discovered.

Enjoy, or disavow as you will. But long live a good fresh air rural life!

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A Few Health/Fitness arenas, too.
And a couple places that just make me Happy.

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(Note – ATM I only have chickens and quail as livestock. However, I like researching.)

Raising Meat Chickens

  • Guinea fowl

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Let me know below if you know other links I should add! I will consider.

Diann: Of Goats and Greens

My linking parameters:
I’m interested in food blogs that don’t lean heavily on desserts, or on highly processed ingredients. Very interested in foods from around the world, and am looking for other blogs of that nature. Cooking with attribution does count. I welcome vegan, vegetarian, and omnivorous connections, as long as foods emphasize Wholeness and not laboratory concoctions.

For YouTube video channels, I admit if I don’t like the voice, or outright goofiness, I won’t link to it. (Okay, YSAC, but his recipes work anyway, he is creative, and he doesn’t drabble on forever…) But nor will I post video channels that are just the video without any speaking at all. NO TicTok. NO Instagram. (This is because I have NO desire to subscribe to either.)

For Homesteading/DIY, I’ll link to just about any blog or informative source – NO TicTok nor Instagram, since I won’t subscribe to either Note also that Homesteading video channels that tend to post a topic with their thumbnail and spend say 3 minutes on that topic out of 25 total run time are unpleasant uses of time, to me.

As for Food Sources, I will have had to eat something from the supplier before linking to them.
Oh, won’t be linking to anything that requires a paid membership to view.
Not interested in anything where a large amount of focus is on politics – unless such political views and concerns directly relate to farming, homesteading, or food.
I’m not really certain about Twitter links. Convince me, and I’ll connect. I would also like to find more homesteading and recipe links from around the world, as my readership is from around the world.

All decisions are mine, and not all of the rationales are spelled out up above, at least until needed (and I may take a few days or so to get back to here, linking or not. Y’know… life?)

Linking to me will encourage me to link back, but it’s not a guarantee. Yes, I know the reverse is also true.

Relax. Sit back. Cook. Eat.
Or get out there and Farm!