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Beginning halfway through 2018, I began to record items of interest relating to homesteading, and life in my rural region of Zone 5B Massachusetts. Each link below (as well as the drop-down menu on this tab) will take you to the specific year.

It is a way I record weather (temperature highs and lows, snowstorms and the like), planting times and locations in the gardens, and livestock events. Setbacks as well a positive occurrences or accomplishments. Other personal items may also be recorded, but the primary focus is in the events on the land. Thoreau did it – but likely better than I’ve been doing it.

The regular Homesteading tab itself – that’s for links to relevant homesteading posts in the blogs as well as other links of reasonable interest. And, click here for 2021’s posts.



Officially moved in December 2017. Knee surgery followed by physical therapy. Contractor and landscape contractor hard at work. Herb garden in place. First chickens. Kale did well. This kitchen still the favorite room.

Raised Beds


Raised beds (4) completed in the summer. First crops planted in these. More chickens. Sold old home in Connecticut. Pergola and patio in back yard. I refurbished the wrought iron patio furniture.

Baby Quail


A new chicken coop added in, and yes, more chickens. Decision to raise Plymouth barred rocks, and Cornish meat birds. Brought in quail. Potatoes and beets a marked success. Moved in with 3 cats -1 now.

homesteading, 2021, chicken
Cockerel to the left, pullet to the right. Plymouth barred rocks on New Year’s Day. If you look at chickens from this breed together, you can sex them via their feathers. The pullets/hens have darker overall feathers than the male counterparts.

Do Enjoy.