Avocado and Guinea Fowl Breakfast Egg Boats

I get my guinea fowl eggs from the Bethel Farmers’ Market, Connecticut.  Think of them as small chicken eggs, they really don’t taste any different than chicken eggs at least from this same vendor.  They’re just a bit smaller than “small” chicken eggs.  But, they have uses.

Avocado egg baked recipe

Guinea fowl eggs are small. As noted, they taste just like regular chicken eggs, at least from the same source.

One could say they are good for “portion control”, if you plan on frying up a couple (although I tend to fry up three at a time if I’m using these eggs).  If you are of the opinion that eggs are unhealthy but you still want some, this might be the way to go if you stick to just two — I’ll reserve my right to disagree, as the yolks are where the nutrition is, and unless you have a severe cholesterol problem, limiting yolks isn’t going to do much since your body makes most of your cholesterol anyway, and seems to route around the external sources to make up for what you aren’t eating.  (I am willing to accept the notion that some people’s body chemistries differ from mine and from many other folks…  but I note when I moved to a more Paleo diet, my overall cholesterol remained the same, while my triglycerides tanked and the LDL / HDL ratio improved vastly.  You are your own personal body – check these things out for YOURSELF wisely.

I will note if you are involved in baking breads, sweets and the like… all those recipes call for large (chicken) eggs, so don’t be subbing in guinea eggs.  Measurements need to be more precise there.

recipe avocado egg boat paleo

Ready to eat. The optional turmeric in this dish turns darker upon cooking.

Okay, avocado boats with eggs:  I used Haas avocados, though I did want to use the somewhat larger Florida avos.  My supermarket didn’t have any this day.  The guinea fowl egg won’t quite fit into the hole vacated by the seed, but it is pretty close.  Either eliminate a little egg white, or eliminate a smallish portion of avo (spoon, a little scoop,  take a pre-breakfast YUM).

Prep Time:  2-5 minutes.
Cook time:  approx 35 minutes, depending on preferred yolk done-ness.
Rest time:  Nada.
Serves:  One or two.  Depends on any sides.
Leftovers:  Not recommended.

Avocado Egg Boats with Guinea Fowl Eggs

  • 1 avocado, sliced in half, seed pit discarded.  
  • 2 small eggs, guinea fowl or small chicken eggs.
  • optional ground pepper, to taste, just a sprinkle.
  • optional ground turmeric, to taste, just a sprinkle.
  • Anything else you like to add.  I’ve done thin cheese slices in the past.  Cumin and/or fresh oregano would be cool.  It’s your playground!  I do tend to save any salting for the table.

Pre-heat oven to 350 F.

Place both avo halves on the baking pan.  If one half or another flops a bit so that the egg you add will roll out, use a knife to slice off a bit undersides, to make the undersurface flat.

I’d drop the egg from the shelled egg into a small bowl off to the side.  This way, when you put the egg into the avo, you can help assure that the yolk does not need to be truly hard cooked (unless you’d rather it that way, which is good, too).  You’d put the yolk in first, then the egg white material.  But this is up to you, obviously.

Add your toppings.  I used turmeric and pepper for their health bennies, and because I find they have complementary flavors for my taste buds in this dish.

Bake for at least 30 minutes at 350 F.  Check the whites.  If still clear, cook longer.  Ovens and the sizes of avocados vary.  (The yolks in an egg are protected from bacteria by the whites.  Besides.  Um.)  I’ve found that between 35 and 45 minutes here in my own kitchen will yield fully cooked whites with a creamy to a full-cooked yolk.  And that the avocado tastes exactly the same… a tad softer but yes, warmer … than the original pre-cooked avocado.

recipe avocado egg boat paleo turmeric

I’m ready to put breakfast in my oven. Anticipation!!!

Avocados:  High in soluble fiber, certain proteins, and healthy unsaturated fats.  I love them in smoothies, because they don’t add unneeded sugars.  (I am a big fan of avocado oil, too… High heat, and you can get avo oil for very reasonable at both BJ’s and Costco, and it has no interfering flavor.  I have dumped canola oil for avocado oil.)

Eggs:  High in healthy proteins.  It turns out that egg allergies tend to be towards the egg WHITE portion of eggs, something about the albumin.  Do blood profiling tests when you can to see how you respond.  Buy local eggs where those mama hens ate real food.  This won’t solve the albumin issue should you have one, but otherwise there will be a better nutrient profile.

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3 Responses to Avocado and Guinea Fowl Breakfast Egg Boats

  1. Love this idea – two very healthy ingredients combined 😄

  2. This looks delicious…can’t go wrong with avocado and eggs:) I have never tried guinea fowl eggs and will be looking out for them at the farmers market. Thanks for sharing on Fiesta Friday!

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