Braised Denver Cut Lamb Ribs, with Yakiniku or Oyster Sauce, and Cumin

Contains:  Soy, wheat, gluten, nightshades (small amount of paprika).  Is:  Dairy-free.

NOTE:  If you use oyster sauce, there are shellfish (oysters) in there.  Yakiniku sauce (I obtained this online) contains no shellfish or seafood products.  Both have the same consistency for cooking, however.  A mildly different taste, but one can substitute readily.

recipe, lamb, ribs, yakiniku sauce, oyster sauce, cumin, braised

Yes, they are more bone than meat, but they taste good and tender to have on occasion.  I don’t “French” them – why get rid of more meat?  This is not a high-class restaurant, but good home cooking taking inspirations from around the world.  Yes, I don’t “French” ANY ribs.  But you do you.

Denver cut rib make use of the breast ribs of lamb or sheep and are analogous to short ribs from pork or beef.  I find that the Denver cut is meatier than the “regular cut” lamb breast bones, but I received those from another source.  (I do much prefer to source meats I cook at home from local, free-range farmers.  And I fear my body is falling apart too fast that I can ever live to my original goal of raising my OWN sheep and goats and alpaca for meat or woll…  For instance, my back is telling me I shouldn’t even be sitting here at my keyboard today…)

I am doing a semi- Asian take on this, because I ended up trying this recently, and I liked the way these ribs turned out.  The lamb, by the way, comes from a local farmer, and was free-ranged.  The sauce is Japanese; one can use Chinese oyster sauce instead.  The cumin is NOT east-Asian, but it wanted to join this dish.  Lamb itself is not a part of east Asian cuisine.

recipe, lamb, ribs

Prep Time:  5 minutes.
Cook Time:  3 hours.
Rest Time:  5-10 minutes.
Serves:  2.
Cuisine:  N/A.
Lefovers:  Yes.

Braised Denver Cut Lamb Ribs, with Yakiniku or Oyster Sauce, and Cumin


  • Approximately one pound of Denver cut lamb ribs Optionally, remove silverskin if your butcher has not.  Remove excess pads of fat if any.
  • 3 heaping tablespoons of either Yakiniku or Oyster sauce.
  • Two teaspoons of cumin seeds.  Optionally, you can lighty grind them, but not all the way into a powder.


Pre-heat oven to 275 F.

With the meatier side of the ribs up, slather on the sauce, spread it around.

Sprinkle the cumin atop.

Add 1/4 – 1/3 cup of water to the pan, but do not add directly over the meat, asyou don’t want to wash the seasonings away.

Bake for about three hours, or until tender.

Remove, let rest 5-10 minutes.

Serve, slicing ribs into individual ones.

lamb, recipe, oyster sauce, yakiniku sauce, cumin, denver ribs



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  1. You are so lucky to get these cuts of lamb, I am not sure where they go here in N Ca but I don’t see them at the butchers.

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