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Lengua (Tongue) in Mushroom Sauce, Filipino-Inspired

Contains:  Offal, dairy.  The inspiration recipe for this one is Filipino-based, and is a Lengua in Mushroom Sauce.  Although I doubt it is traditional in the Philippines to use canned condensed mushroom soup – but just as everywhere, people do … Continue reading

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A Roman Cabbage Repast from Antiquity

Contains:  Seafood, alcohol.  Is: Quick and easy, Paleo.   This one sounded really good, especially since I had everything already in the house.  Makes life easier when you live 35 minutes from the nearest supermarket, and you get tempted by something … Continue reading

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Wisconsin Style Beer Cheese Dip

Contains:  Alcohol, dairy, wheat/gluten (most beer contains gluten, and may have wheat).  Is:  Quick and easy, Vegetarian. I tested this for the recipe as a small personal batch.  I’ll upscale for visiting with friends, or for having them in.   I … Continue reading

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A Korean Breakfast: Gyeran-bap with Avocado

Contains:  Eggs.  Soy.  Is   Quick and easy, vegetarian, gluten-free if you use the proper tamari. Bap is rice in Korean (think Bibimbap).   Gyeran is eggs.   (Someday I think I’ll know a bunch of words in a variety of languages around … Continue reading

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Happy New Years!

Welcome to 2022!  Let’s hope this year works out better than the last couple of them.  Not that there hasn’t been good days and moments and events in the last two years, but overall, there was a level of distress … Continue reading

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Kamut (Khorasan Wheat), Veggies and Duck Legs

Contains:  Gluten, nightshades.   I apologize for the lack of photos of this dish… I plumb forgot to take any.  I brought it to a friend at her hip re-hab facility.   I intended to make this for Christmas Day lunch (especially … Continue reading

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Ox Tongue Steaks, Japanese Style (from Beef or Bison)

Contains:  Offal, soy (legumes).  Is:  Japanese, gluten-free, with the proper soy sauce, can be Paleo/Whole 30, if using coconut aminos. It has been a while since I’ve posted anything offally-inclined.  But here we are, once again, in the waste-not, want-not … Continue reading

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Chinese-Seasoned Country Style Pork Ribs

Contains:  Soy (a legume), nightshades.  Is:  Gluten free. One of my favorite cuts of pork – beats out bacon, too. Oh, and these aren’t ribs after all.  They are cuts from the shoulder of a porker.  If you see any … Continue reading

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Simple Open Face Melted Cheese Sandwiches, with Bell Pepper, Green Onions, and a Little Herring

Contains:  Gluten/wheat, fish.  Is:  Quick and easy, keep it simple, optionally vegetarian, option to use GF bread. This is one of those simple dishes I really shouldn’t include right now, but it is basically a standby for me when I … Continue reading

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Holiday Dishes for End of Year (Compendium, for 2021)

To celebrate Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Saturnalia, Solstice,, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Kwanzaa, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Hogmanay.  And any other date you want to celebrate, whether for familial, spiritual, traditional, or friendship reasons.  After all, any Holiday is what … Continue reading

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