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Vietnamese Summer Rolls

Yes, I am referring to the rolls make with the rice paper.  The rice paper itself is labeled “rice spring roll wrappers”.  But recently I ordered Vietnamese spring rolls out at a restaurant… and got served skinny greasy rolls with … Continue reading

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Pork Meat Loaf with Cauliflower, Apple and Fennel

Pork and apples… Apples and pork… There’s a theme going on here, and fennel also goes well with pork, just as rosemary partners well with lamb.  And, I’ve discovered I LIKE meatloaf — if one leaves out the breadstuffs and grains! … Continue reading

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Osso Buco Style in the Slow Cooker — but with a Fresh Pork Hock

I don’t think I’ve ever eaten Osso Buco.  It probably didn’t run in my circles or something, besides it is usually veal and it is extremely hard to justify how those supermarket calves are raised.  But even back in the … Continue reading

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Pork Carnitas (for a pot-luck crowd)

I love many varieties of “ethnic” foods, and enjoy attempting to re-create some of these in my own kitchen.  I’ve focused more on Asian and Mediterranean, and less on south of the (my) border, but I love Mexican, Peruvian and … Continue reading

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Pork Chops with Apple & Onion – Simple!

I love good pork chops, and I saw a video where Civilized Caveman made these, and since I didn’t write anything down, this is my own take on what he did. Serves 2 (although in my case I kept eating … Continue reading

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Slow Cooked Boneless Pork Picnic Roast

After reading Eating on the Wild Side:  a Radical New Way to Select and Prepare Foods to Reclaim the Nutrients and Flavors We’ve Lost,  by Jo Robinson, I decided that farmers’ market-purchased Peruvian Purple Passion potatoes aren’t your simple Starch … Continue reading

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Stuffed Mini Peppers

Personally, I love stuffing small peppers, and it is a great meal one can make in advance for work.  I’d rather stuff the small ones I pick up readily at Farmers’ Markets over the large supermarket sized ones — I … Continue reading

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