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The 500th Post: Looking Back at Many Favorite Recipes

I’ve made 500 posts here (counting this one), through thick and through thin.  My diet went from general (but mostly whole foods), through mostly Paleo / Weston-Price, through needing MORE fiber in my life (more legumes and grains/pseudograins), to retirement … Continue reading

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Raw Littleneck / Cherrystone Clams – Helpful Hint

I have to thank Dad for this one.  I have no idea if he learned this elsewhere, or if he discovered it on his ownsome.  This was just something he just DID. Procure your Fresh-in-the-Shell littleneck or cherrystone clams, and … Continue reading

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Clear Rhode Island Clam Chowder

Being a proper New Englander (by residence, not by birth), I’m not really a fan of Manhattan clam chowder… I guess in part because the only good tomato-based soup (to my taste buds) is a good chunky chilled gazpacho. I’ll … Continue reading

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Paleo Coconut Fried Pork Chops

I wanted to make a different recipe, but with one thing or another (lack of a critical ingredient), this is what happened.  I’m fine with this recipe, however. This served just me, but go ahead and double or quadruple.  You … Continue reading

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Khatta Meat

Made for the March Northern Curry Recipe Challenge, over at Lina’s.  I do love these challenges, for the new tastes I get to try.  The non-veggie arm of the judging is being performed by Sandhya, of Indfused.  The veggie dishes … Continue reading

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Brussels Sprouts and Chicken

Up until a few years ago, I despised Brussels sprouts.  Mind you, I liked the rest of the Brassica family (cabbage, broccoli, kale, broccolini….), but them sprout things were just nasty. Growing up, we’d eat them boiled, and I don’t … Continue reading

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Pan Fried Blackfish (Tautog)

I’d heard tell of blackfish being an excellent eating fish, of superb but mild flavor.  So, when I saw it being offered for sale at my favorite roadside fish stand, I had to buy a pound of fillet.  Try (nearly) … Continue reading

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Simple Arctic Char, Take Two

Good day — it is lovely outside, just my type of weather (seventies). I don’t find this fish often enough, but Arctic char is indeed one of my favorites. It is so simple to prepare (as is the best of … Continue reading

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Swordfish! (with Pear, Cucumber and Onion)

I lucked into some reasonably locally sourced swordfish, and decided to buy it.  I haven’t eaten this particular fish for well over 15 or 20 years, but hey. It is a large fish, so it is a mercury accumulator, so … Continue reading

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Test Driving: Eye of Round Roast

I am in a grass-fed meat share right now, which means one gets beef cuts one would not normally buy.  (I tend to be partial to the flank, skirt and flat iron steaks — rib eye if I felt that … Continue reading

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