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Vegetarian Greek Salad

Contains:  Nightshades, dairy.  Is:  Quick and easy, vegetarian. It’s Greek Month!  I’m starting out the month with simple recipes – two of which will be posted today.  Later in the month we’ll see more complex dishes, some of which I’ve … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day: English Cucumber Tea Sandwiches

Contains:  Dairy, gluten.  Is:  Vegetarian, quick and easy.   Mother had several specialties when we were growing up, but one of the most simple (and yet still quite a hit) was her English tea sandwiches.  I loved this one, as … Continue reading

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Japanese Salad, with Ginger or Wafu (Sesame) Dressing & Optional Tako Su Topping

Contains:  Soy, added sugar.  Is:  Vegetarian/vegan, if you omit the optional octopus (served off to the side to begin with).  Gluten-free if you source your soy / tamari sauce accordingly.  Or, if you switch to coconut aminos (in which case, … Continue reading

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Greek Tzatziki or Persian/Iranian Mast-o-Khiar

I understand the main difference between these two yogurt dishes is that the Iranian version is thicker, and may more often contain mint instead of (or with) the dill.  The Greek version often uses strained yogurt, but I decided not … Continue reading

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Swordfish! (with Pear, Cucumber and Onion)

I lucked into some reasonably locally sourced swordfish, and decided to buy it.  I haven’t eaten this particular fish for well over 15 or 20 years, but hey. It is a large fish, so it is a mercury accumulator, so … Continue reading

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Small Plate: Tuna, Pear, Cucumber, Nori

Hope everyone here in the northeast has pulled out of that snow storm! This “recipe” is easy, no cooking involved. Raw, actually. This was my morning’s breakfast, no kidding. I allow myself to eat unusually at whim. Per person: 1/2 … Continue reading

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Doin’ the Can Can: Pickled Dill Cukes

Due to potential health hazards while canning, you gotta use real recipes.  At least until you are a true expert, and not just flying by the seat of one’s pants. I figure for a first go-round with water bath canning, … Continue reading

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Simple but Cooling Cucumber Salad

Just something simple, to bring to a pot luck.  Recommended on a really hot day, cucumber is so cooling! 1.5 cucumbers.  (I used one English seedless, and half  a regular supermarket one.  I peeled the latter of its skin.) 1/3 … Continue reading

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Of Wild Smoked Salmon and Cucumber

I was toying with bringing something along the lines of the next appetizer I made to a party I attended last night (although the hosts were supplying most of the food).  However, I spent most of the afternoon at work … Continue reading

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