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Dining Out: Yummy House, Tampa, Florida

Chinese cuisine in this country (the US) falls into two categories:  American-Chinese, and authentic Chinese-Chinese — the later more typically found in the more vibrant of the nation’s Chinatowns. The restaurant I am reviewing is more American-Chinese than Chinese-Chinese, but … Continue reading

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Dining Out: Breakfast at Three Brothers Diner, New Milford, CT

On October 29th, I broke my tibia down by my ankle.  On November 6th, the bone was set, and a plate (nothing worth dining off of) and some pins were inserted.  At the moment, even though I can cook to … Continue reading

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Dining Out: Not Your Average Joe’s

A friend and I, while doing some quick shopping a few weeks ago  in the mall in Burlington, Massachusetts, knew we had to eat some lunch.  We first popped into one location (whose name I’ve mercifully forgotten — mercifully for … Continue reading

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Dining out in Massachusetts: Salem and Gill

I want to take this opportunity to introduce everyone to fine dining in Massachusetts, if only in a couple of destinations. However, since this is a food blog, and I took no photos of food during either visit, I’m going … Continue reading

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There’s an App for That!….

I have a Kindle, and I’ve discovered there’s a world of apps out there.  Applications aren’t just for smart phones (I still run a dumb phone, although my current one also can hit the internet, sort of, and take photos.) … Continue reading

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