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Pork Pad Thai

Pork isn’t the most traditional meat item to put in a pad Thai — that would be chicken or shrimp.  Sometimes it is just left at the tofu, and no chicken nor seafood — but be forewarned that even if … Continue reading

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Moroccan Lamb Shanks

This is a recipe adapted from the cookbook, Staffmeals from Chanterelle, by David Waltuck, owner of Chanterelle (a restaurant in New York City I’ve never dined at, but the comments on Amazon enticed me to try the book).  A quick … Continue reading

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Roasted Cabbage and Fennel

I’ve long been a fan of roasted veggies.  Rub a little olive oil on them, stick them in the oven at high heat, with whatever seasonings strike your fancy, and remove and eat. This one turned out quite tasty, and … Continue reading

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Too Many Cookbooks?

Yes, probably, but I will let you know some were gifts, some were things I picked up at tag sales or library sales, and some were outright free from the book exchange table at the Litchfield Farmers’ Market (to which … Continue reading

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Norwegian Salad: Herring & Lox

The Gutenberg Project is trying to digitize as many old books (copyright has run out on) as they can, and you can get some of them for free on Amazon, and no doubt, other places.  I’m finding the really old … Continue reading

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First Cookbooks – A First O’ the Month Special

For the first of each month, I’m going to try to do something special, mostly centered around books.  Although this time it’s cookbooks, it won’t necessarily be cookbooks.  Might be memoirs with food as an element; might be fiction with … Continue reading

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