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The Home Planted Vegetable World in My Zone 5 Region – Spring Growing

I am planting, and still planting.  This is western Massachusetts, at a higher elevation than central-lower New England, but no where near as cold as long as is northern New Hampshire nor much of inland northern Maine.  So some seeds … Continue reading

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Steamed Kale and Pan-Fried Pork Chops

I love using my new induction range in my new kitchen!  I was going to share this meal with my general contractor Saturday at lunch, but he’d come in early and left before I got there, to go attend a … Continue reading

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Gardening 2015 May Report

This is a food blog, so I’ll be mostly discussing in this post what I’m growing to eat this year, but not exclusively.  A few of my garden plants you really don’t want to eat, including the plant in the … Continue reading

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Bobcat Surprise. And My “The Meal” Photo and Basic Recipe (Salad)

For our first trick, we’re going to roast a bobcat… No, only kidding. This is the feller that strayed into my side yard yesterday.  The photos are less than stellar, but he (she?) wasn’t going to stand still for it. … Continue reading

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Wild Raspberry Season

For breakfast: Raspberries, ad libitum. Simple recipe:  Go out into the back yard, where wild raspberries have taken over segments, and look for brilliantly-red fruits.  Pluck and eat. If you don’t bring them into the house, you don’t have to … Continue reading

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Yard Forager

Raspberries have just started to appear in these parts, namely in my back yard. These luscious little bursts of flavor are just perhaps nature’s Sweet-Tarts, only so much better. A couple years after taking up residence on this acre, volunteer … Continue reading

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Cilantro and Strawberries

Leaving the house for work earlier this week, as I passed by the the elevated rock garden, I happened to catch a whiff of cilantro.  Immediately I pulled my lunch out of the case, snipped off a few bits of … Continue reading

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