Breakfast: Greens, Bacon, Egg

Contains:  Eggs.  Is:  Quick and easy.  Potentially Paleo (depending on the bacon).

Breakfast, recipe, swiss chard, greens, bacon, eggs

A happy breakfast!

For the greens, I used Swiss chard, which I’d obtained form Misfits Market.  I also had “second breakfast” of half a small Misfits Market grapefruit.  (These seem to be more or less the size of oranges…)

The bacon came from a gift box that my brother sent me back at Christmastime.  The eggs, well, they came from my back yard hens.

I make a serving for one, as I live alone and right now I have to hunker down as one.  (For some foods I am cooking for multiple meals in order to make leftovers, but I’m not really fond of leftover scrambled eggs.)

For most folk, I probably added in too many greens… but I ate them all!  Adjust to your desire and availability.

recipe, bacon, eggs, greens, swiss chard, breakfast

Bacon with greens.

Cooking greens could include that Swiss chard, kale, collards, cabbage, bok choy.  If you use spinach remember that one shrinks down a lot further than any of the above – and is ready a LOT sooner – in fact I’d add that one in while the eggs are cooking.  This will also be true of the beet or turnip greens.

I don’t need to add salt to my scrambled eggs, and I’m content with the salt for the overall dish that comes from the bacon.  You choose your method.

Cooked 3/26/2020.

recipe, breakfast, greens, swiss chard, bacon, eggs

Nearly done! Note, I don’t like the frenetic  Gordon Ramsey style of scrambling or the results – I like them gently folded with large “curds”.

Prep Time:  5 minutes.
Cook Time:  15-20 minutes. 
Rest Time: none.
Serves:  1
Leftovers:  The veggie portion can be re-heated. 

Breakfast:  Greens, Bacon, Egg

  • 1 slice thick cut bacon.  (2 if thin is what you have).  Tear into segments of 1/2 to 1 inches in length.  (1.25 – 3 centimeters)  
  • 1 small bunch of greens (Swiss chard, kale, collards, cabbage, bok choy, spinach, turnip greens, beet greens…)   Coarsely chopped.  You can use half or a third of a bunch… “bunch” doesn’t have a measurement term!
  • You may need a little cooking oil as an adjacent to the bacon grease.  Or to start off harder stems.  
  • 2 eggs, beaten. 
  • Ground pepper.  
  • Optional dried herbs as you are inspired.

For a tough-stemmed leafy green such as Swiss chard or kale, chop the stems to 1/2 inch or less, add some cooking oil (perhaps two teaspoons) to the skillet.  Bring to a medium/medium high heat, and add the stems of these, only.  Sauté  for about five minutes.

Then add the bacon.  Stir occasionally until the bacon is nearly cooked, then add the leafy part of the greens (this just applies to Swiss chard, kale, collards, cabbage, bok choy, and similar plants).  You can add stems of less tough greens as well, here.

Stir.  Add about 0.25 cups of water in order to soften Swiss chard, kale, or collards – other greens are not likely to need this.  Stir further, until the water is evaporated off.  Add in your chosen seasonings.  

Push everything to one side, make sure there is some oil or fat on the open side of the skillet, add in the eggs, and gently scramble them.  Lower the heat to medium or low medium.  If you haven’t used the leafy greens listed above, now is the time to add spinach, beet or turnip greens, if that’s what you are using instead.  Any of these veggies will be fine just wilted.  Add them to the bacon side of the skillet, mix separately from the eggs.

Add ground pepper as desired, and/or any herb/spice you are having a hankering for.

Plate and enjoy

Oh yes, if you are scaling up for multiple people – just cook the eggs in a different skillet than the bacon and greens!

Logo, recipe, breakfast, greens, bacon, eggs, swiss chard


PS:  I’d hoped to have done an April Fool’s dish for today, but alas for some reason, inspiration fails.  But maybe I can make a breakfast roll?

NOTING: DO NOT make others go without so you can stock.  We really are all in this together.

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Shared at:  Fiesta Friday (co-host: Jhuls @ The Not So Creative Cook).

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4 Responses to Breakfast: Greens, Bacon, Egg

  1. Jhuls says:

    This is something I know I’d enjoy for breakfast! Thanks for sharing at Fiesta Friday party, Diann.

    PS: please delete my previous comment, I don’t know why I was thinking of Liz.😅 Apologies!

  2. helenfern says:

    I love chard! My mom used to grow it every year. Thanks for sharing at the What’s for Dinner party. Stay safe and healthy!!

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