Dining Out: Ozzie’s Steak and Eggs, Hinsdale, Massachusetts 01235

This breakfast/brunch/lunch eatery is located just off of Route 8 as one heads north towards Pittsfield.  Their mascot is an alligator, which has a continuing motif around the restaurant.

ozzie's steak and eggs, restaurant review, hinsdale massachusetts

They have a great and awesome outdoor sitting area (more available land than Carms), and weather permitting, no matter the disease “climate”, I prefer the outdoor area over inside.  Most of the outdoor seating is covered.  During the days of COVID restrictions, everyone but everyone got plastic ware.  I don’t understand:  Dishwashers sanitize, and they have to run those plates through, anyway.  At least, now they are back to flatware.

I haven’t eaten here as often as at Carm’s  (in Chester, MA, but to be reviewed later), and this is in part due to logistics.  I tend to do much of my Pittsfield shopping on Mondays, and they are closed here on Mondays.  But when I do go in on other days, I’ve always preferred being an early bird at shopping, so it’s nearly always since I moved here been breakfasts.

They open every day (except those Mondays) at 8 am.  Each month they have new specials, too.

I appreciate their kielbasa.  I may have gotten better kielbasa from my past meat shares, or from a Polish specialty sausage market over in Hatfield, but this is not to sneeze at.

My favorite breakfasts:

I am a sucker for eggs Benedict, even if I usually pass over the Hollandaise (especially if not home-made).  These poached eggs on English muffins with various styles are always on the menu here.  My typical favorite is a Florentine style – no ham, which I don’t really want with my eggs Benedict to begin with.

Ozzie's Steak and Eggs, Breakfast, brunch, kielbasa, eggs Florentine, dining out, poached eggs

Eggs Benedict Florentine. With hashed potatoes, faux Hollandaise, and a side order of enjoyable kielbasa.

Specials I’ve enjoyed:

They have special seasonal coffees, and prior to the lockdown times, I enjoyed their pumpkin and their eggnog offerings – they made these far better than most conventional endeavors I’ve previously tasted.  (The waitress told me they did their own recipes for these – this was back in 2019, so no idea if this tradition continues on.)

Most recently, I had a lobster eggs Benedict special.  Other than the Hollandaise being a washout, I rather enjoyed this breakfast.  Only a couple of pieces of lobster were dry, (Regards Hollandaise – I have long learned that just about nearly every place serves bogus pre-bottled Hollandaise, and I do NOT need more than a teaspoon or so of that stuff to enjoy a good eggs Benedict, ever.)

Ozzie's steak and eggs, poached eggs, lobsters, dining out, Hinsdale

Shredded potatoes tucked underneath the lobster Benedict. Ignore the Hollandaise here.

On a beautiful cool day (60’s), I enjoyed another special, outdoors under shade:  Two pork chops smothered with that Southern sausage gravy, with two over-easy eggs (you can pick your egg style), with hash browns smothered in pan-skilleted onions and peppers.  The meal also comes with your choice of toast – and I decided to pass on the toast.  There was going to be much more than enough of food!  Actually, I could have done with one pork chop, and about a third less of the potato portion of the meal as well.  It was very good, and the boneless pork chops were not dry nor tasteless.

pork chop special, breakfast, brunch, eggs, ozzies steak and eggs, hinsdale massachusetts

There’s the Kielbasa Skillet, from the regular menu – contains kielbasa (I’d hope!), two eggs your choice of style, shredded potatoes (or hash browns), peppers, onions, melty cheese, and toast.  Definitely fills one up!

breakfast, brunch, review, ozzies steak and eggs

Lunches – I’ve had very few from here, but…

Take out wings – this is something EASY to re-heat once home.  They have a variety of choices, and as per usual I choose one that is the least breaded and least sweetened.  They are good.  They come with that bleu cheese dip, too.

I’ve had a burger of theirs once prior to COVID.  Hard to recall that far back, but it wasn’t bad.

There are a variety of other luncheon options; I simply haven’t availed myself of them.  (The Rueben sounds tempting… – and there are some salads (i.e. the Greek) that would be worth the try sometime.)

I did find an old photo of a haddock Rueben sandwich – Can’t recall much about it three years later, but but I am pretty certain I liked it!

Ozzies. haddock, reuben, sandwich

There’s not a lot for vegans to eat here, but there are plenty of vegetarian options at breakfast or brunch.  The pancakes and French toast choices look great, (i know I had the pancakes some time back, but don’t recall – but they do provide real maple syrup for an extra dollar) and there is a whole variety of Benedicts to choose from.  There’s a full bar, and specialty mimosas are often listed on the monthly specials menu.  I haven’t availed myself of that portion of their food service, however.  Their coffee is quite good.

The bathrooms (well, at least the ladies’) are clean and comfortable.  Someone else can check the gents’.

Ozzie’s Steak and Eggs, 26 Maple Street, Hinsdale MA, 01235

For breakfast/brunch, I’d say 4 stars.  No verdict on lunch at this point.   That burger was too long ago, and the wings weren’t eaten until I took them home and re-heated them!   (Prefer to make my reviews for on-site.)


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