Shrimp, Mango and Pluot Salad

At my most recent pot luck, I brought a salad by request — a request I’d been given based on what I’d brought to the same event two years ago.  Apparently, it was remembered.

Shrimp and Mango Salad.  When I was building my recipe index, I remembered that salad, but lo and behold, I’d never written it up for this blog.

Shrimp, mango, pluot, salad, recipe

Even when you mix, a lot of the shrimp and fruit settles towards the bottom. It’s there.

I didn’t remember EXACTLY what I did then, but I’m recording this one for posterity.  Meanwhile, I discovered a fruit named “pluot”, which turns out to be 75% plum crossed with enough apricot to make 25% of the latter.  In this case, the pluot (there seem to be different varieties of pluot, probably mostly depending on which varieties of plums and/or apricots were crossed to make the offspring) was a large (for a plum) golden-yellow, with a yellow interior.  Its flavor owed a lot to plum, and it had a texture reminiscent of apricot.  No, the grocery did not say what variety of pluot it was that I took home with me.

For this recipe, I used Florida Gulf shrimp.  I’m still leery about Gulf shrimp, but in Florida we’re somewhat further away from Ground Zero BP Gulf.  (I try not to eat shrimp often.)

So, here we go!

Prep time:  1 hour
Cook time:  2 minutes MAX once the shrimp’s water comes to a boil
Rest time:  After the lettuce is added — as little as possible.
Serves:  I’m guessing 5-6 if not a pot-luck dish.


* 1.5 pounds shrimp
* 2 ripe mangos
* 3 pluots (or a couple of large plums and an apricot)
* 5 3-4 inch stalks of hearts of palm
* 4 ounces mixed lettuce greens (some purple “greens” in there add interest as well as a touch of anti-oxidant…)
* 1 or 2 green onions/scallions

Bring a pot of water to boil, sufficient to submerge all the shrimp.

You can peel & de-vein the shrimp before or after cooking them.  (I did it prior.)   Or you can buy them already shelled, although those usually still have the tail shells on.  I do prefer to cook them myself — for some reason, a better flavor.  Most store-bought pre-cooked shrimp have sort of light funky aftertaste that I prefer not to taste.

Throw them into the boiling water, and simmer for a max of 2 minutes.  (If you luck into those wonderful Rhode Island red shrimp, simmer for a max of one minute.)  Any longer, and you run the real risk of mushy shrimp!

Immediately drain into a colander in your sink, and run lots of cold water over them to halt the cooking process.

For the mangos:  Peel them, chop around the core, make bite sized segments.  Set aside these segments in a large bowl, discard the rest.

For the pluots:  Leave the skin on, chop into bite sized and smaller pieces, discard the pit, and set aside, with the mango reserve, the edible parts.

Rinse and slice the hearts of palm, about 1/4 inch thicknesses, add to the mango and pluot bowl.

Toss in the shrimp.

Slice up the scallion(s) .  My new “Go To” scallion/green onion slicing method debuted with the recipe for Korean sesame bok choy salad, and I’m going to keep with it for most preparations.  In short:  slice the green parts about 1.5 inches long, on a bias.  Slice the white parts about 1.5 inches long, and finely slice those bits lengthwise, using a good paring knife.  You’ll get six to eight slivers out of each segment.

Just before serving — you can do the rest of this hours before — add in rinsed salad greens, and mix gently.

Salad dressing is not needed.

By the way — the verdict on this version of the salad was also a resounding success.

We’re joining the Link Party at Tell ‘Em Tuesday, and at Fiesta Friday


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5 Responses to Shrimp, Mango and Pluot Salad

  1. Sounds like a tasty salad, simple but with some great flavors. Thanks for sharing at Fiesta Friday!

  2. milkandbun says:

    I can eat a large bowl of such salad! Yum! 🙂

  3. It looks fresh, tasty and delicious! 🙂

  4. joy says:

    This salad looks fresh & delicious!

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