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Chinese Stir-Fried Chicken Hearts with Shiitake and Vegetables (Chicken Thigh Option)

Contains:  Offal, nightshades, legumes (soy), a small amount of alcohol.  Is:  Quick and Easy, can be made gluten-free, paleo. You can add in gizzards and even liver to this should you care to.  (Personally, I’d go for gizzards, chopped up, … Continue reading


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Skillet Mac and Cheese with Veggies

For many in America, mac & cheese is “comfort food”. We didn’t grow up with it as such, which is why I usually put the word “comfort” into quotes.  One man’s comfort is another’s discomfort… When we did have it, it was … Continue reading

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Bay Scallops with Mushrooms, Snow Peas and Shallot

I remember back decades ago, when bay scallops cost more than sea scallops  It has reversed, now, and today the bay scallops were on sale.  Mind you, these were large bay scallops — I’d say about 1/2 inch diameter in … Continue reading

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