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For Cinco de Mayo: Fish Tacos in Lettuce Shell; Vegetarian Tacos in Lettuce Shell

Here we have recipes for both vegetarian and fish tacos, served in lettuce. I’ve cut down on my home consumption of starches such as wheat or corn, and I’ve upped the outright veggies in my life. ┬áHence, a swap for … Continue reading

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For Cinco de Mayo: Pear/Mango Salsa, Mexican-Inspired

Well, it is almost the fifth of May, and Mexican restaurants go crazy trying to bring in new customers for the night. ┬áThe one nearest me used to have yearly signs out reading, “One tequila/Two tequila/Three tequila/Floor”, and the like, … Continue reading


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Eel…. and Olive.

I had over 2/3rd of an eel left over from Christmas Eve; decided to figure out something fun to do with it, with sort of a Mediterranean flair. So here we go: 2/3rd eel (or the full thing if you … Continue reading

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Canned Tomato Salsa

http://www.canning-food-recipes.com/canning_tomatoes.htm#Salsa Yes, I wanted good canned salsa that I could set up myself, and that I wouldn’t need to add sugar to. (I’m lovin’ the Low Carb Vida…) This is the source I used. 5 pounds tomatoes (from farmstands or … Continue reading

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