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Trekking to Semi-Distant Chickens and Poultry in Winter, Zone 5 or Thereabouts

Note:  This post is a re-blogging of an older post (January 2019), with some edits from as I developed more experience, from those older days.    The location of my hen houses are perfect for most the months of the … Continue reading

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Raising Chickens, Part VIII: Is Organic the Way to Go?

  I’d hoped to run this essay past Kat Hosinski before posting it.  Most of this was written near the end of October.  Unfortunately my Compatriot in  live homesteading discussions passed away November 1st.  I’d seriously like to hear from … Continue reading

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Sous Vide Turkey Hearts, with Broccoli and Onion

Contains:  Offal, optional nightshade in the form of hot sauce.  Is:   Gluten-free, quick and easy.  Paleo option, Whole30 option.   I lucked into a package of turkey hearts, and since heart is my favorite organ/offal thing going, I simply … Continue reading

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Raising Chickens Part VI: Feeding Those Layers

Here, we are only dealing with feed for adult laying chickens.  (If you have an associated rooster, who is obviously NOT going to be laying a thing, he’s fine eating his harem’s food.) It is possible during the non winter … Continue reading

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I’m a Chicken Grandma!

No, no.  I’m not chicken to BECOME a grandmother, I’ve simply seen that one of my hens has hatched her first egg into a live chick format!   Yes,  Idril’s first chick has hatched!   Now, Idril had gone broody … Continue reading

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Raising Chickens, Part II: Welcoming Baby Chicks

Baby chicks are available from a variety of online sources, and you can also get them (at least in the US) from Ag-way, Tractor Supply, or a few mom & pop stores.  Ideally, you can get baby chicks from neighboring … Continue reading

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Raising Chickens, Part I (Intro & Overview)

This won’t be a totally organized guide to raising chickens, but I hope to provide some insight as a first-year chicken grower in New England, over a few posts that I plan to put up approximately once a month.  I … Continue reading

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Chicken and Bird Feeder Pork Lard and Sheep Fat Cakes – for Your Flock

This recipe doesn’t contain chicken. This isn’t for you to eat, gentle reader.  This is for the poultry under your care, but of course you can adapt this for wild backyard birds, too.  (Or, front yard, if that’s where you … Continue reading

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