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What’s Growing on the Homestead Today?

The photos here were taken May 8th (other than the 2-day old quail photo).  Overnight … rain, then snow (again).  But I’m enjoying the thoughts of new life and new growth, both vegetative and avian.  (And, personal…)  Trees are thinking … Continue reading

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Food in Changing Times: Veggie Stock: Part III – Vegan

Contains:  Optionally contains nightshades.  Is:  Vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and as a stock is Paleo, Whole30.  What you make with it after is up to you. Today’s stock recipe will be based on a Western-style stock, and in this case it … Continue reading

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Bugs in Your Flour & Grains? And, a Removable Label Idea

Not going to be-labor this post. If you live where winter is a thing – with degree days below freezing – here’s a handy hint: Collect your flour and rice and meal (including tapioca and arrowroot flours you have for … Continue reading

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Thai Soup: Tom Kha Gai (Chicken Coconut Galangal), for Asian Lunar New Year – Whole 30

Contains:  Fish sauce, coconut, optional nightshade.  Is:  Whole 30, Paleo, gluten-free. Prepared for the start of the Asian Lunar Calendar, Year of the Rat.  I absolutely LOVE Tom Kha style soups.  I’ve finally made one that I’m happy to bring … Continue reading

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Massachusetts Winter Conference, Northeast Organic Farmer’s Association (NOFA MASS)

Worchester State University is about an hour and forty minutes from here, and was the host on Saturday to the 2020 Winter Conference of the Northeast Organic Farmer’s Association (NOFA), Massachusetts’ chapter.  This is the first year I’ve attended this … Continue reading

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Raising Chickens, Part VIII: Is Organic the Way to Go?

  I’d hoped to run this essay past Kat Hosinski before posting it.  Most of this was written near the end of October.  Unfortunately my Compatriot in  live homesteading discussions passed away November 1st.  I’d seriously like to hear from … Continue reading

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Refinishing/Refurbishing Old Wrought Iron Lawn Furniture

Yes, it’s October here in the north-east states of the US, and winter is indeed coming.  I didn’t get around to doing my planned refinishing of the patio furniture until just about now – please don’t wait as long into … Continue reading

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Winter Is Coming: Autumnal Prep for the Homestead Garden

While I already had a surprising and unpredicted temperature drop to 34 degrees Fahrenheit about a week prior, which did some crop damage, we’ were  predicted to have 31 degrees by morning on Saturday October 5th.  It turned out we … Continue reading

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Growing, Harvesting & Cooking Your Spuds (Potatoes)

(oh, with notes on the purslane, basil and delicata squash growing here as well.) Alas, I got my potatoes in the ground late this year – the raised beds weren’t ready until late June.  At any rate, yes this late … Continue reading

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New Raised Beds, Events in the Herb Garden – Homesteading!

  I’ve finally got the fire lit under me (in a good way) and I’m focusing on moving the last of my stuff from CT to MA (two hours each direction).  This involves two 10-foot long U-Haul bed trucks, coordinating … Continue reading

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