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Middle Eastern Style Goat Shoulder, with Baharat, Plums, Lemon, Onion and Potato

Contains:  Nightshades, alcohol.  Is:  Gluten-free, grain-free, paleo. One can substitute out the alcohol if desired.   The alcohol will cook off, but I understand not everyone wants to have this in their food.  Although you can skip the potatoes (nightshade), perhaps … Continue reading

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Moroccan Boneless Goat Leg Roast

There was an attractively nice looking piece of goat leg sitting in my freezer, looking up at me and begging for attention. So, at any rate, I thawed it out overnight, and scratched my noodle for a good recipe.  Since … Continue reading

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Of Goats and Greens at Four Years

It has been four years of blogging, with my first post uploaded on June 12, 2010.  I had hoped to have my 200th blog post coincide with the time, but I’ll be off by about a month or so. For … Continue reading

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Roast Stuffed Goat Heart

This is a great recipe for roasting pasture-finished goat or lamb heart, if the heart in question is large enough to poke stuffing into. Roasting a full fledged beef heart this way would likely render it too tough.  And it … Continue reading

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Goats and Reds

Just a brief.  Thick Angora goat ribs (Nancy’s farm in VA – Tralfamadore Farm), nestled in a marinate of gluten-free teryaki, vinegar and a few Indian spices, along with the very last farmer’s market tomato of 2010.  Ready to place … Continue reading

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