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Just Ducky V: Braised Legs and (Optional) Backs, with Plum

This one owes a lot to the Zenbelly Cookbook, by Simone Miller .  It’s highly recommended (the book, not necessarily my adaptation of one recipe, although I seriously did enjoy this…).  I like her approach to wholesome food and a … Continue reading

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Poultry Bone Broth Essentials

Making bone broth is something I’ve grown to love over the last three or so years.  It is so rich and tasty; and yes, in a pinch for a specific recipe, you can use one of those boxed (preferably low-sodium) broths … Continue reading

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Just Ducky, Part IV: Baked Duck Breast with Shiitake

A continuing series of posts about this remarkable bird.  This one is simple and quick, but luxurious. I acquired another duck breast recently, and decided to try something new with it. 1 duck breast (double for two people, etc.), skin … Continue reading

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Just Ducky, Part III: What to Do with the Duck Liver

I’m going to provide you with three recipes in this post. A:  Liver and Onions B:  Liver Pate I’ll come to the third near the bottom of this post. Frankly, I don’t do either A: or B: when I have … Continue reading

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Just Ducky, Part II. The Other Duck Breast – as a Salad

Yes, I am going to go full throttle on the whole bird.  Breasts to legs to soup or stock.  You will have to wait for the soup or stock posting until the weather is cooler and less humid here — … Continue reading

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Just Ducky, Part I. Duck Breast

I picked up a whole duck at a recent Farmer’s Market, and over a few posts I plan to relate how I cooked it, leaving no parts behind (except of course those few parts they didn’t provide with the bird … Continue reading

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