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Mardi Gras: Roasted Creole Pork Belly Casserole

Contains:  Soy or Coconut Aminos.  Nightshades.  Is:  Gluten-free, Paleo option, Whole 30 option, assuming you use the coconut aminos.   Pork belly strips are typically made into bacon, but when I got last summer’s half a pig share, I asked … Continue reading

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Arrachera Mex-Tex Beef

Think of this as the meat you put into your fajitas, although you can do other things with your preparation.  Arracheras are nearly always made from skirt steak, and it is marinated up to three days before grilling, although 24 … Continue reading

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Stuffed Peppers, Grain-Free & Vegan-Style

I love stuffing my bell peppers, and those neat little ones you find at farmer’s markets are great!  Good eating size!  Just adapt the below accordingly if you have bell peppers of size.  At any rate, why always use meat? … Continue reading

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Stuffed Mini Peppers

Personally, I love stuffing small peppers, and it is a great meal one can make in advance for work.  I’d rather stuff the small ones I pick up readily at Farmers’ Markets over the large supermarket sized ones — I … Continue reading

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