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Pyogo Jeon, Korean Stuffed Mushrooms, Lunar New Year

I started hunting around for a good Lunar New Year recipe from any appropriate Asian culture that celebrates this time of year.  I stopped dead in my tracks with this potentially gluten-free Korean recipe that incorporates… mushrooms!  And, you can … Continue reading

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Grilled Hangar Steak

As of today, I am closing down my charcoal grill, and it will be recycled into whatever scrap metal anyone interested is wanting to use it for.  I grilled a hangar steak, some chicken wings, and some leeks. Hangar steak … Continue reading

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Grilled Venison Steak; Grilled Beef Ribeye Steak. (Keep Simple)

It’s grilling season!   (At least in North America.)  I purchased my current grill in 2011; it is charcoal and looks like a Weber, but came from some other company, and will be ditched into the trash (or, better yet, … Continue reading

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A Rub with Skirt Steak, Tomatoes and Mushrooms

… and garlic. The rub actually is very simple and basic, and would probably go well with flank steak or other steaks of that ilk.  (Flat iron, hangar, flap…)  Not everything needs to be complicated. For the rub: 1 heaping … Continue reading

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Test Driving: Eye of Round Roast

I am in a grass-fed meat share right now, which means one gets beef cuts one would not normally buy.  (I tend to be partial to the flank, skirt and flat iron steaks — rib eye if I felt that … Continue reading

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All Heart (and Swiss Chard)

Skillet Sauteed Beef Heart: One of my favorite cuts of beef, lamb, goat or venison is heart.  A warning, though, the beef heart is LARGE.  Prepare to serve a lot of people, or to freeze extras (preferably for salads, re-cooking … Continue reading

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