A Month of Vegetarian and Vegan Recipes

April is to be my month of vegetarian and vegan foods.  Besides posting recipes with this theme, I will be eating this way much of the month, except when out with others.  (And to use up some salmon and some lamb tripe still in the fridge.)

basil leaves and avocado on sliced bread on white ceramic plate

Photo by Lisa on Pexels.com

Any exceptions will be if I am served foods being made by friends – since I am not truly vegetarian nor vegan, I think it would be rude of me to decline things that others have gone to the effort to create, make and serve to me.  The occasion of course is entirely different if you really identify yourself as vegan or vegetarian.  (In which case, please inform your host or hostess in ADVANCE of any food restrictions, allergies, or religious avoidances!)

At any rate, all meals posted this month on this blog WILL BE either vegan or vegetarian.  Many will be vegan.  If my hens lay eggs during this month, well – I am not going to waste them.

I will likely focus on cultures with a strong past history for vegetarian foods.  My favorite cookbook for this sort of diet is Silk Road Vegetarian:  Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten Free Recipes for the Mindful Cook, by Dahlia Abraham-Klein.  Going this way provides a good solid food plan because it has been tested by generations, rather than by a few recent-decade meat-abstainers.  The author includes a very few recipes with eggs, and none with cheese.  Ghee, a dairy product, is occasionally used in her recipes.

You WILL NOT see faux cheeses or faux meats this month.  Dishes will have to stand on their own, without the “miracles” of modernized industrial food processing to prop them up.  Since (despite the above caveat) I will be eating this way for a month myself, I am aiming to post fully-satisfying meals here during the duration.  And, yes, I will continue to partake of (and post) many wholly-plant meals after this month is over.  I’ve done so before, so why not?  There are so many tasty ones to consider!

vegan chili bowl

Photo by Alesia Kozik on Pexels.com

Satiating vegetarian/vegan foods for me include:  avocado, eggplant, mushrooms, just about any type of beans or lentils., sweet potatoes, winter squash.  Some would include nuts in this, but I can’t eat many of those without gastric repercussions, and of those I can eat I really don’t want to eat many of.  If you can – go for it!

In June, I will be doing a testing of ground burgers – making ground beef, ground Beyond Burger and ground Impossible Burger in two different formats: 1) Sliders with lettuce wraps and 2)  Mini-meatloaves.  I’ve been wanting to try this for some time, although I still live by the principle that a good vegetarian burger doesn’t have to taste like meat – it’s healthier and probably tastier if it doesn’t try to go down that road.  See my Grilled Veggie Burger recipe!  (This linked one does contain egg, but vegans can try one of those healthier egg substitutes, since the only purpose of the egg in that recipe is to hold everything together).

This April, I’m plotting to make a variety of dishes.  The list you see below is potential, and not definitive.  April here in the Northern hemisphere and at latitudes above 40 degrees – a great time for homesteading development as well.  I have some fruit trees (which include a couple of quince and a couple of elderberries) will be mailed out to me on April 11th, so they should be planted by the end of the month.

  • Hearts of Palm, Cabbage and Avocado Salad.  (Had planned this for Valentine’s Day, but hearts of palm were scarcer than hen’s teeth.  Which, if you find any of the latter, won’t be et this month!)
  • Panera’s Vegan Black Bean Soup (improved copycat, and I agree improvement may not be necessary).  I made this once recently for a potluck but didn’t get to remember to photograph it.  Mine had a nice kick to it.  I also made this from fresh beans.
  • Baked Tofu in Thai Peanut Sauce
  • Stuffed Eggplant (ingredients TBD, but it will be vegetarian rather than vegan – will want true cheese.  Cashew “cheeze” does the intestinal rumba here, NO Thank You!  This plan may be modified for a ingredient needed for an online food challenge where I need to use yogurt somewhere.  Or maybe I’ll make two distinctly different and vegetarian variants).
  • Chinese Buddha’s Delight.  (I am waiting on an ingredient I don’t have to include, but I want to – it was actually going to be made back in February, but the pantry mice got into it. And it takes more than a month for a new batch to arrive.)

Oh, PS, May will be Tex-Mex, Central and South America month, for recipe postings!  And no, despite the day today, this post is NOT an April Fool’s joke.


About goatsandgreens

The foodie me: Low/no gluten, low sugars, lots of ethnic variety of foods. Seafood, offal, veggies. Farmers' markets. Cooking from scratch, and largely local. The "future" me: I've now moved to my new home in rural western Massachusetts. I am raising chickens (for meat and for eggs) and planning for guinea fowl, Shetland sheep, and probably goats and/or alpaca. Possibly feeder pigs. Raising veggies and going solar.
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  1. Look forward to the recipes 👍👍

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