Steamed Haddock with Brussels Sprouts and Vermouth

Contains:   Fish, alcohol.  Is:  Quick and easy.  

This recipe is part of #FishFridayFoodies.  See the end of the recipe for the March 18th participants, theme is Steamed Seafood.

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I learned to enjoy Brussels sprouts late in life.  After all, effectively they’re just baby cabbages!   And I always liked cabbage.  

Prep Time:  5 minutes.
Cook Time:  5-8 minutes for the pan-frying of the Brussels Sprouts.  About 12 minutes for the steaming.
Rest Time:  None.
Serves:  1 for each 5-6 ounce filet.
Leftovers:  Sure.

Steamed Haddock with Brussels Sprouts and Vermouth 


  • Around 8-10 Brussels sprouts per person, split in half.
  • 5-6 ounce haddock.  (Other firm white fish may be used).
  • About a quarter cup of vermouth.  (Volume is dependent on the size of the pot you are going to steam in – with a wide pot you may need more.)
  • About a quarter cup of water.  (or to match the volume of the vermouth, 1:1.  
  • Cooking oil, about  2 teaspoons.
  • 1 teaspoon dried thyme.  (Fresh may be better if you have it)
  • Juice from 1/4 lemon.  
  • Salt and pepper to taste.  


Pan fry the Brussels sprouts:  Heat up a skillet containing a little oil to medium/ medium high..  In a separate bowl, add salt, pepper and thyme to the Brussels sprouts, and combine.  Toss into the skillet.  With a spatula, occasionally stir this, coating all parts with the oil.  A little browning is tasty.  

Set up the steamer, with the appropriate amount of the above liquids.  Add the fish and sprouts to the top part of the steamer.  If desired, splash a little vermouth atop the fish.  Turn on the heat high until it boils.  Reduce heat to a simmer, and cover.  

Haddock tends to be thick – steam for 12 minutes.  If you are using a thinner fish, reduce the steaming time.  

Plate, with the lemon juice squeezed over the top of the dish.  It’s good on the sprouts, too.

recipe, steamed fish, haddock, brussels sprouts, vermouth

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5 Responses to Steamed Haddock with Brussels Sprouts and Vermouth

  1. Vicky says:

    Loved this steamed haddock dish. Easy and delicious. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Karen says:

    This sounds delicious! I was late to the Brussels sprouts party too, but now love them.

  3. Wendy Klik says:

    This is my kind of meal….I love everything about it.

  4. Stacy says:

    The only Brussels sprouts I remember being offered when I was growing up were frozen and then cooked till soft. They were horrible things. You’ve got the right idea pan-frying fresh ones! I’d love these and your steamed haddock with a splash of vermouth.

  5. Jhuls says:

    This is the sign to try Brussels sprouts. Sounds yum! Thanks a bunch for sharing at Fiesta Friday party!

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