Simple Open Face Melted Cheese Sandwiches, with Bell Pepper, Green Onions, and a Little Herring

Contains:  Gluten/wheat, fish.  Is:  Quick and easy, keep it simple, optionally vegetarian, option to use GF bread.

This is one of those simple dishes I really shouldn’t include right now, but it is basically a standby for me when I don’t have a lot of time (and I am eating at home).  Optionally, you can use a gluten-free bread, if you wish and/or have some slices to hand.  This came about from having practically no breakfast and not cooking until 12:30 – right after our time change, which meant my system thought it was 1:30 pm,  (So, yes, a couple weeks back here…)

Melted cheese sandwich, recipeAs I think I have mentioned before, I am not fond of THICK slices of bread.  I consider “food to bread” an important ratio to consider.  Although I was fairly Paleo for the past decade, it was  nearly always a consideration of my taste buds, although health was sometimes a part of my thoughts.  At this point, my thoughts lean to the idea that bread is okay for me (I have no known gluten-intolerance) but I 1) don’t really like eating a lot of bread, and 2) I want to cook for gluten-intolerant friends, who will remain gluten-intolerant no matter what my own cookings may change towards.  So, sandwich recipes will always lean towards lower (and sometimes, no – because there ARE lettuce wraps) levels of bread.  Thin-slicing is a wonderful concept to me!

The herring came from one of those jars with pickled herring (no cream) you can find in the odd corner of many supermarkets.  Sub with mushrooms, or anything else you care to sub with.

The photos are of one slice at a time – when I took a cooked cheesy slice out of the (toaster) oven for photography and gnoshing, I left the other in to eat without getting cold or congealed.

Here’s a quick open faced melted cheese – adapt as you will!

Prep Time:  10-15 minutes.
Cook Time:  15-20 minutes.
Rest Tune:  Just enough to serve.
Serves:  Two slices of melted cheese toast per person.

Very Simple Open Face Melted Cheese Sandwich, with Bell Pepper, Green Onions, and a Little Herring


  • Two slices of good quality bakery bread per psrson, these will be open face.
  • 1/2 small bell pepper, no seeds, and chopped.
  • 1 scallion/green onion, chopped.
  • 2-3 segments of herring, from a jar of pikled herring (without the cream sauce) .  You can also add in a piece or three of the pickled onion from that jar.
  • Several slices of your favorite melty cheese – enough to cover the intended sandwich two-fold. Choose your favorite.


Preheat a regular oven to 350 F, or simply wait to heat up a toaster oven when you are prepared to cook.

Dot everything around on each slice of bread at whim, except the cheese.

Now, add the cheese slices.  I am in favor of a double-thickness for nearly any type of cheese, and recommend  your covering this to the edges.  .

Place in the regular oven, and  set your timer for 10 minutes.  Or, add the makings to your toaster oven, and turn this implement on – setting this for 10-12 minutes.

When probably done, check the cheese – if it is nice and melty, you are ready to eat.  Otherwise, add another 2-3 minutes of cooking time.

Options:  Add mushrooms instead of herring.  Try putting the finished open faced sandwiches under broil for 30 seconds, to crisp up the cheese. Use a pepper jack cheese for an extra bite.  Oh, add in anything you love to eat!  What is good about these is that it is not hard to make them responsive to a variety of taste buds and flavor inclinations.

melted cheese, sandwich, herring

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