Dining Out: Casa Oaxaca, Bethel, CT 06801

If you have been here for awhile, you may have noticed there haven’t been any “Dining Out” reviews for a year and a half now.  And this post is a representation of the second time I’ve gotten down to my old home region in Connecticut since early March last 2020.

A very good but overfilling quesadilla at Casa Oaxaca, at 68 Stony Hill Road, Bethel, Connecticut.  The restaurant is not too far off of Route I-84, say about ten minutes.

dining out, quesadilla, Oaxaca, Mexico, Connecticut, Casa Oaxaca, Bethel

This was a quick lunch down in Connecticut during the second half of July, probably around 1:30 or so in the afternoon.  I’d had planned to get there around noon, but…well. I was down for an evening book club meeting, and also to run some errands along the way.  Or, actually, errands between this lunch and the meeting…

While it has been a long time since any previous dining out reviews here, I do have a couple more in progress that will be more extensive, as this current one is a one-meal evaluation.  I don’t live in Connecticut anymore!

Oaxaca (pronounced something like “Who-WHAH-kah”) is a major region in Mexico, although I’ll consider the cuisine at this restaurant to be more Tex-Mex with a pleasant bow to Oaxaca than truly genuinely Mexican.  But if one considers this, this is not remotely a bad eatery.

I nearly ordered the fish tacos, which looked really good, but went with the steak quesadilla instead.  This came with guacamole, tomato pico sauce, and sour cream.  There were several options for  a salsa (including very spicy), and I chose the tomatillo.  Which was quite tasty.  The quesadilla had an abundance of cheese / queso.  This item really was much more filling than I expected.  They certainly didn’t skimp!  I’d been looking for something fairly simple to tide me over until dinner, while I spent the balance of the afternoon shopping in old stomping ground regions in the Danbury, CT area.

Service was smooth and friendly, although I will note that at the hour I was there, there was only one other seated customer (although I saw a few others come in to pick up take-out orders).  The bathroom was clean and tidy.

This restaurant is closed on Mondays.  And I can’t find a good online listing of their menu – there is an illegible photo of said menu on their Facebook page.

Casa Oaxaca – 68 Stony Hill Road, Bethel, Connecticut, 06801

Oh, and for dinner the book club met at Bottega Italian Kitchen and Bar, at 6 Stony Hill Road.  I didn’t take a photo, so it won’t get its own write-up.   I ordered the Salmon BLT, and my friends ordered salads with either chicken breast or salmon to top.  (Either the Caesar’s salad or the spinach salad.)   We all liked our chosen meals, and none of us went for appetizers (although most of them sounded great) or desserts (didn’t even glance at the dessert menu).  My meal came with fries, which if they’d been announced on the menu, I would have requested they leave them off – as it was I ate a few, and they were good – but I simply didn’t want to eat more starch that meal.


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