Breakfast BLT (with Egg)

What makes something become a breakfast BLT?

You serve it at breakfast…  Duh?

BLT, breakfast, egg, recipe

A fine breakfast with a BLT and E (egg).

I decided to call this a breakfast BLT because I had it for breakfast, and because I added an egg to it.

I don’t typically buy loaves of bread, but there was this real nice mini-loaf sitting around, that I’d just gotten from Claire’s Corner Copia, the restaurant back in New Haven, CT, that I reviewed this past week.

I DO love a good BLT, though.  Just not enough to purchase a whole loaf of bread for, to make and eat once every other month or something.

BLT, breakfast, egg, recipe

Everything shown but the bacon… which is there, too.

My ingredients, yours may well vary to some degree:

The small mini-loaf of bread from Claire’s.
A slice of bacon from a Connecticut farm share I just participated in.
A couple cherry tomatoes from an honor-system roadside stand.  (Yep, I was honorable.)
Butternut lettuce, hydroponically grown, from a regular supermarket.  
An egg from a local farmer.
Ground Rainbow peppercorns from Trader Joe’s.

I can’t wait to grow my own produce!!!

At any rate, use whatever quantities of the ingredients suit the size of the slices of your bread.  Note, that the sandwich will hold together much better on larger slices!  (Definitely needed to eat this over a plate!)

Below, I’m assembling the layers of the BLT…

BLT, breakfast, egg, recipeBLT, breakfast, egg, recipe

BLT, breakfast, egg, recipeBLT, breakfast, egg, recipe

BLT, breakfast, egg, recipe

(and then, add the top slice of bread….)


Prep Time: 10 minutes.
Cook Time: 10 minutes.
Rest Time:  None.
Cuisine:  American breakfast fare. 
Serves:  One.
Leftovers: Doesn’t lend itself to that.

The Breakfast BLT (or BLET? – Bacon, Lettuce, Egg and Tomato) Sandwich

Per Person:  

  • Two slices of bread.  
  • 1 or 2 slices of bacon.
  • Leaf lettuce, a leaf or three depending on leaf size and bread coverage.
  • Tomato – one small tomato, or 1-2 cherry tomatoes, or 2-3 grape tomatoes, sliced about 1/4 inch thick.  
  • 1 medium sized egg.  
  • Ground pepper to taste.
  • Optional:  Mayo, but not recommended if using the below preparation.

Prep the salad part – the lettuce and tomato.

Start frying the bacon, and when just enough fat is released, add the slices of bread off to the side, to fry in the fat.  (This is why I did not use the mayo in this rendition.)

When you’ve flipped the bacon (and the bread) at least once, add the egg, reducing skillet temperature to medium low.  In this case you will want the yolk cooked solidly enough that it won’t ooze when you cut or bite into it.  You can pop the yolk before flipping, or deal with it after flipping.

When the bread has become toast, and is browned sufficiently on both sides, remove, pat on a paper towel, and prepare to assemble.  It will have soaked in some bacon fat, which is why I don’t recommend adding additional fat sources in the nature of mayo.

You can use the ground pepper on the egg as you cook it.

My order of assemblage may not match your choice of ordering.  Since my slices were small, I separated off a layer of egg white and added the balance of the egg as an upper layer.

Put this all together, and serve with a steaming pot of tea or coffee.  Any leftovers (for instance, I only used half a slice of bacon on my tiny sandwich), serve on the side.

BLT, breakfast, egg, recipe

Breakfast BLT, mini-version. Or, a BLET, should you rather!

Let’s hear it for Fiesta Friday, once again!!!  Your co-hosts this week there are:  Judi @ and Debanita @ Canvassed Recipes, who are helping serve up delicious foods!

And we are also over at the What’s for Dinner, Sunday Supper Blog Hop… another batch of delicious foods!




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4 Responses to Breakfast BLT (with Egg)

  1. I’m afraid I will have to stick with a BLT not a BLET – but then that’s what makes it a breakfast BLT right? I’m one of those few people not into eggs unless it’s in baked goods, etc. I’m still enjoying this sandwich as Michigan has not seen a frost yet and we are still getting homegrown tomatoes. Thanks for coming to the Fiesta Friday party Diann.

    • I do have to say the best ingredient in a BLT is the quality of the T… while I love eggs, I fully understand those who either don’t, or can’t. If it’s at breakfast time (more or less), it’s definitely breakfast!

  2. I hate to disagree with Judi, but BLET is even better than BLT! In fact, a big improvement IMO. Now if you can serve it on a cheddar biscuit, it’ll go through the roof!

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