Summery Caprese Salad with Tuna Carpaccio

We’re having a heat wave this week.

I don’t have A/C in my new home (yet); I was supposed to get geothermal but it looks like rebates for that (and it’s pricey) have pretty much dried up.  So I will go for central air, and it will be in well before summer 2019 — but that doesn’t help now.

But a nice cool caprese salad sounds wonderful… I adapted a little from the standard, as I couldn’t find fresh basil (and mine in the garden isn’t big enough yet).

summery-salad done

Korean chopsticks at the ready! Combining refreshing bits from East Asia and the Mediterranean.

This will work for two, if you provide a good wedge of watermelon as a side or for dessert.  Scale up as needed.  You could scale this up for a July 4th Independence Day celebration.  Or you could make this family-sized, and not heat your kitchen up more than necessary.

Tuna carpaccio, Caprese salad, mozzarella, watercress, recipe, Primal, raw, salad. sesame oil, EVOO, ginger

The dressing for the tuna: 1 tablespoon sesame oil, 1 teaspoon each tamari and fresh lemon juice, 1/4 teaspoon ginger paste.

Prep Time:  15 minutes, which includes fishing in the fridge for stuff.
Cook Time:  It’s RAAAAW… as Gordon would say!
Rest Time:  Why let it warm up?  Just enjoy!
Serves 2 on a hot day, especially if followed up by a watermelon wedge…

Summery Caprese Salad with Tuna Carpaccio

For the veggie part:

  • 1 good sized flavorful (farmer’s market quality) tomato, sliced.  Remove any stem or core.
  • Several leaves of butter lettuce, enough to make a bed for the Caprese and the tuna. (You can use any preferred lettuce of your choice, or availability).
  • About 3 ounces / 80 grams of freshly-made mozzarella, thinly sliced.  (If you can’t find, go ahead and use the mozzarella you do find, just note that the fresh stuff is superior in taste, for future reference.)
  • 10 – 12 fresh basil leaves (OR, if you can’t find), a handful of watercress (my choice) or arugula.  
  • Your favorite vinaigrette, or simply a quick mix of 1 part lemon juice to 2 or 3 parts extra virgin olive oil, just a drizzle.
  • Ground black pepper, to taste as a garnish.

For the (optional) tuna part:

  • 0.25 pounds / 4 ounces / 115 grams (approximate) of sushi grade yellowfin tuna, sliced thin against the grain.
  • 1 tablespoon sesame oil
  • 1 teaspoon low sodium tamari
  • 1 teaspoon lemon juice
  • 1/4 teaspoon ginger paste.
  • Optional wasabi to the side.

Slice up the tomato and put in the fridge to chill down, at least an hour.

Make the tuna carpaccio sauce:  combine the sesame oil, tamari, lemon juice and ginger paste in a small cup, and mix with the tines of a fork.  (Mix again prior to using.)

Arrange your platter, lettuce on the bottom.  Circle the salad components around the edge of the plate, and put the tuna in the middle.  Use the photos here for inspiration…  Or… design as you will.  Add the tuna’s sauce over the tuna, and the vinaigrette over the salad components.

Optionally, sprinkle fresh or frozen dill over all as a garnish.  I was too hungry to go looking for my dill…

Another option:  sprinkle sesame seeds especially on the fish.  Hindsight!

Serve and enjoy!

Tuna carpaccio, Caprese salad, mozzarella, watercress, recipe, Primal, raw, salad. sesame oil, EVOO, ginger

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8 Responses to Summery Caprese Salad with Tuna Carpaccio

  1. chef mimi says:

    Fantastic! I like the Asian twist. Good luck with getting some cool air in your house!

  2. What a lovely sounding salad – I’ve not seen freshly-made mozzarella so I’ll keep a look out for that and I love the sound of adding sesame seeds. I’ve shared a salad at Fiesta Friday this week too – thanks for linking up and joining us. Enjoy the weekend – hope it’s not too hot for you!

    • The temps actually broke this weekend, and should be mellow for a few more days. I’m very grateful for that. As for the mozzarella, not all supermarkets sell it, and when they do, it is typically made on site. At one place I used to frequent (back in CT), you could even watch them make it.

  3. No AC sounds painful 😄 But hey, fans should help 😄 Haven’t tried tuna carpaccio but I’m for it. I’ve made ahi poke, no big deal. Btw, it’s impressive that you use Korean chopsticks! You don’t find them hard to use?

    • Yes, the Korean chop sticks are harder to use… they’re more slippery and food decides to take a trip with a mind of its own. But they seemed to work well enough with the salad, maybe because most of the pieces of the salad were largish?

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