The Once and Future Kitchen…

I have mentioned in a few posts that I’m currently building a home (which I had naively hoped would have been ready by the very latest, late last summer or early autumn).

It is a log home, one level but with a walk out basement.  I am in some regards seriously downsizing into it — but this does not count the kitchen.  The kitchen is UPSIZING.

Kitchen plans

To left of sink: Dishwasher. To right: trash and recyclable bins. Straight up: induction range. Hood still needs to go overhead. Prep area in front of window — contractor’s boom box will vanish. Upper cabs to left: coffee, tea, mugs. On counter underneath: beverage station – coffee maker, grinder, SodaStream.  PS: Sink faces the dining area, and has a good view out the window beyond.

Right now, I have a very dysfunctional kitchen built in 1968 or 1969, when the assumption was we’d all be eating TV dinners quickly and without fan-fare, heated in the oven.  It is small and poorly-planned, which is why a lot of the food I am serving is photographed out of doors.  Move the clutter?  Move the meal?  Which is quicker???  (I like eating it before it turns cold.)

Currently, my basic prep area is on TOP of the range.  There is a counter to the left and to the right of the range — 12 inches wide, in each case.  On the left side, it is my collection of oils and vinegars and tamari.  On the right side, it’s my knife block and some more condiments.  I store large platters in a dresser drawer in a spare bedroom.  I also do some prep work at the dining room table.

There are two duplex electrical outlets — The one is used by the fridge, and is by that counter to the right of the range, allowing no practical use for the other portion of that duplex.  The second is near the sink, and I’m constantly switching out plugs for:  microwave, coffee maker, coffee grinder, mini-food processor, immersion blender, George Foreman grill.  Weaving the cords in and among the dry goods containers (rice, oatmeal, coconut flour, lentils…) as needed.

There’s more, (in less space) but let’s get back to the good stuff!


Looking in from dining entry area. Over that range (that will also have a vent hood…) is a small upper cab for cooking oils, salt, pepper, garlic powder. You know, the essentials. To the right of prep area is Prep Sink. Compost will be collected in a bucket under that sink. Doorway leads to future pantry. To the right of that — landing zone for groceries, with a spare condiment upper cab above. Fridge of course, with lower freezer compartment.

I’ve enjoyed consulting with others about ideas, and having many lower drawers rather than too many lower cabinets seems to be a great idea.  I was also talked into having a prep sink — and that the notion of food from the fridge should go to the sink (prep in this case), then to the prep area, then to being cooked.  And that a landing zone before the fridge is way handy.  So, I did all that.

And, being as I am tall, and sometimes my back goes out, having seriously functional upper cabinets is also a grand notion.  Hence, my floor plan is semi-open, not OPEN to the universe.  (Besides, on the opposite wall, I will be hanging artwork.  I like artwork… )


Some of the image to the left got cut off, but immediately off-screen is the fridge. Straight ahead is the book shelf (there will be another board in there) for cookbooks. The right wall is sage green, NOT remotely that bluish stuff.  Colors on-line can be deceptive!  Lots of cabs here for dishes and glasses, with the most frequently used items closest to the viewer (and to the dish washer when it unloads). On the counter will be (from back to front) the George Foreman grill, the toaster oven, and then the microwave. (Yep, all the contractor stuff there will GO.)

The drawer under the counter-top in the most recent photo, the one closest to the viewer:   Daily silverware.  The one back further away:  Asian accouterments, and the shish-kebab implements.  Lowest cab:  the combo lobster pot/hot water canner.  As well as a Dutch oven, a yogurt maker, and various implements I’m not keen to keep on the counter top.

The kitchen will be set up for far better photography – I may even consider doing a video or three.   Light will be better, and will be properly controlled.  There will be pendant lighting over the prep area — probably not necessary in the summer, but in the winter it gets dark mighty early.  Also over the sink, to get those dishes clean.  (Not everything goes into a dishwasher.)

I’ll get a full-sized food processor,  and a few other items.  I’d really like a pressure canner, as I will be growing a lot of my own food outside during the warm months.

This house has indeed been designed around the kitchen!


When will I move in?

Dunno.  The house just got propane heat (next year I will be adding solar), and the plumber is there this week connecting the septic and the fixtures.  Not sure when the electrician will be back, and there’s some up-to-code sheetrocking left to do in the garage.

I’ve already started moving (non-valuable) stuff up there — to places out of the way in the house.  I can finally get my platter collection out of a back bedroom dresser drawer!!!





About goatsandgreens

The foodie me: Low/no gluten, low sugars, lots of ethnic variety of foods. Seafood, offal, veggies. Farmers' markets. Cooking from scratch, and largely local. The "future" me: I've now moved to my new home in rural western Massachusetts. I am raising chickens (for meat and for eggs) and planning for guinea fowl, Shetland sheep, and probably goats and/or alpaca. Possibly feeder pigs. Raising veggies and going solar.
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9 Responses to The Once and Future Kitchen…

  1. Nice! I love all the wood. My house was built in 1949 so the kitchen is all notty pine! I love wood where you can see the grain.

    • Thanks, Arthur! I really love unpainted wood — my current kitchen is entirely the antithesis of that dream one, and I can’t wait for the dream to come true. Your notty pine and visible wood grain sounds lovely!

  2. JinJoo says:

    Wow – looks beautiful! I am so glad to hear that you are UPSIZING your kitchen – so very important. haha.. Looking forward to seeing the finished home. Best of luck!

  3. Upsizing a kitchen is important, especially if you cook a lot like you do! It looks just gorgeous so far, I am sure you will love it!

  4. Sandhya says:

    I am an architect and kitchen designer by education and a foodie by passion 🙂 so enjoyed reading your thought process in planning the kitchen.
    Great post!

    • Thanks! Between knowing what I’m horridly lacking here, and talking to people who’d earlier renovated or made new kitchens before I got too far into this — I think that helped tremendously. I think being a kitchen designer (and an architect) is awesome — a great set of skills to have!

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