Dining Out: The Lazy Goat, Greenville, S.C.

Yes, the next five posts (at the very least) will be actual recipes, but here’s one final Dining Out for now, written up early last night after the excellent meal, before the election unfolded, and with the photos jammed into place just now:

Dining out,Greenville, South Carolina, restaurant, Moroccan lamb,

Greenville, South Carolina — The Reedy River and its falls, about 7 pm.

Located in downtown Greenville, which was a larger and more thriving locale than I expected (the town looks small on the tourist guide map I had), this restaurant seems top notch.  It is a little on the pricier side, but not too badly so.  The ambiance is refreshing, and the location by the Reedy River is probably enjoyable in most weather.

I ordered the Moroccan Lamb (braised shank, warm pita, cucumber yogurt and crispy plantain chips) and the Crispy Brussels Sprouts (Serrano ham, slices of shaved Manchego, and a sherry glace) from the “Graze and Nibble” portion of the dinner menu.

Dining out,Greenville, South Carolina, restaurant, Moroccan lamb, Brussels sprouts, Lazy Goat

Plantain “ears” in the Moroccan dish; wonderful crispy Brussels sprouts. (More pita than necessary.)

There’s another section on the menu:  “To Share or Not to Share”.  Heartier portions.  I opted not to share even with myself although some of the choices looked very enticing.  But, I figured two small plates would give me more variety and selection than simply one large plate.

I did select the 250 mL carafe of Chateau Freynelle — I was walking back to the night’s digs.  A very pleasing wine!!!

Both the lamb and the Brussels sprouts dishes were outstanding.  Cooked to perfection and seasoning.  The sprouts were fabulous.  They may have been just a tad too sweet fo my personal taste buds if eaten alone, but eaten alongside the lamb dish they were a highlight.  Their crispiness was a delight.  The lamb was tender, and this meal was a delight.

For dessert (as it were) I had a charcuterie platter.  You could choose what you wanted from a selection of charcuterie meats, cheeses, and several sides.  Meats and cheeses would be presented in one-ounce increments. I simply ordered a Wisconsin unpasteured Gouda, and an Italian Calabrese.  Along with an order of what turned out to be WAY too many olives for me.  (If you go as a group — order one order of olives for the table… no more than that!)  The Calabrese was delicately spicy, and I suspect the Gouda wasn’t the best pairing for it.  None the less, both were good selections.

Dining out,Greenville, South Carolina, restaurant, Moroccan lamb, Brussels sprouts, lazy goat

Yes, I started nibbling on the cheese before remembering to take the photo – the presentation was proper when it arrived at my table.

The olives were of at least two varieties, and I took the rest as takeout.

Rating:  4.75 out of 5.0 stars.

The Lazy Goat, 170 Riverplace, Greenville, SC 29601.

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