Dining Out: Pasha’s Moroccan Lounge

Note:  I’ve been tremendously busy of late, so this is my first post in quite a while.  There’s been a lot of 11-hour work days, and tying up of loose ends — as mentioned before, I’m retiring soon — and it happens to be NEXT WEEK, but there’s a LOT to do until I do — as it were.  I want to make the transition as smooth as possible for my co-worker as I can, because they’re short-handed at the moment.  Unfortunately at the moment I seem to have absolutely no energy after work — even on the 8-hour days — and I don’t sleep well at night.   Meanwhile,  I continue to build my retirement house as mentioned in earlier posts.    With a GOOD kitchen that I’d actually be willing to photograph for public consumption!

The below is a review of a Moroccan eatery I visited prior to attending the 60th wedding anniversary party of my uncle and aunt, back in June.

Pasha’s Moroccan Lounge, 644 Center Point Way, Gaithersburg, Maryland, 20878.

Recently, I ate lunch here.

Pasha's Moroccan Lounge, Dining out, hummus, lamb, lentil soup, Gaithersburg MD, Maryland

Pasha’s Moroccan Lounge. I note outdoor seating to the right.

I drove down on a Friday to Rockville, Maryland, to celebrate my uncle and aunt’s 60th wedding anniversary — the occasion was to be celebrated at their home Saturday evening, but I wanted to be rested by the time I drove there, so I took a hotel room for two nights — the Friday night before, and the evening after.

This left the idea of finding an appetizing lunch venue in the area wide open.

Being as Google as a search engine is my friend, I surfed around to see where I’d like to toy with my gustatory appetite.  The anniversary dinner at my uncle and aunt’s was going to be catered, so I didn’t want to go overboard at lunch; nor did I want to stop eating entirely until dinner (the other guests would like something left to eat, too….)

Moroccan hit the button.  Well, so did a few sushi options in town, but I weighed budget in on this, and the online menu for the Moroccan place sounded fairly diverse.  (Near my own home, I have a nearby Lebanese restaurant, and a few sushi establishments, but nothing specifically Moroccan.  Yep, Moroccan won!)

Google Maps and I, however, are not quite as friendly and in rapport as the actual search engine, apparently.  I switched to Waze when the wild goose chase Google Maps tried to send me on annoyed me enough, and thus arrived at Pasha’s in short order.

The restaurant is in a mall-like complex of stores and restaurants.  On entering, I noted a well-stocked bar — that’s apparently the lounge part of the name.  (No pork on the menu, I noted.)  The decor is comfortable.

Being as I knew in a few short hours (it was 1 pm at this point, maybe later as Google Maps had thoroughly annoyed me by now) I was going to be having a catered dinner, I only ordered an appetizer and a cup of soup.  I DO want to come back and try (and review!) a full-fledged dinner.  There were a lot of appealing ideas on the menu here.

Pasha's Moroccan Lounge, Dining Out, pita, hummus, lamb, cucumber

In the center of a volcano of hummus, create a pile of well-seasoned and warm lamb. (If you are vegetarian, there are plenty of vegetarian choices as well.)

I ordered Humi Lamb — essentially this is hummus served with cucumber slices, and far more pita bread triangles than necessary, with the lamb served shredded and warm over the top of the hummus.  I loved this, even if I only ate about a third of the pita bread triangles.  (I do eat a low-gluten  food plan — but seriously even gluten-addicts don’t need this ratio of pita to hummus!)

I also ordered their vegetarian Lentil Soup.  Excellent!  Nicely seasoned, and truly this hit the (soup) pot.

Pasha's Moroccan Lounge, Gaithersburg Maryland, lentil soup

Moroccan Lentil Soup! Very tasty!

From the lounge area — I just ordered water.

The photos aren’t the best.  After I got seated, an extended family of eight or so people got seated next to me, and I got embarrassed about photographing my food, and so didn’t take second shots.  Silly me!  Apparently that entire family, about ten minutes later, were on their phones not  remotely paying the slightest attention even to each other!!!

Rating:  3.95 out of 5 — and this rating would almost certainly go up should I get a second chance here, to try an actual entree.  (Just from menu-drooling…)



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