Chicken Wings Redux Plus Blue Cheese Dip

Well, just so everyone is prepared for an evening of Budweiser and Dorito ads tomorrow (frankly, the Bud ones have gone downhill the last few years – they’re getting cliched), with way too much football breaking the ads up — seriously, I don’t even know who’s playing.  (Which is why I’m not really interested in the event.  I love sporting events if I personally know someone to root for, even if it’s just at the Little League level.  I went to college with Joe Montana — I didn’t actually know him –, but he’s retired now; and I briefly dated a second-stringer football player at college, and took classes with others, including one who was truly interested in the sciences, not just there to play ball.)

Chicken wings, spicy wings, yogurt, gluten-free, blue cheese dip

It’s a cliche, but…

I did look up the performers for the event just now.  Lady Gaga will break out into the National Anthem, and she’ll either be really good or really bad.  She’s got a great voice — it depends on if she camps it up (bad) or not (good).  One thing she won’t do is appear dressed in raw sirloin steaks — been there, done that.  Thankfully, that’s Over.

Halftime is Coldplay and Beyonce.  Both are quality performers, although I’m just not into Beyonce’s style of music — which in this case is me, not her.  I’m more interested in Coldplay.

At any rate, I don’t have a TV subscription, so I will catch all those ads on YouTube Monday evening as I lay me down to sleepy-time.  There are other venues for Coldplay, although I will probably check to see if Lady Gaga’s version of the National Anthem is listenable.  (Mind you, it IS a difficult song to sing.  It’s based on the melody of an old British drinking song, which is hard to believe, but there you have it.  I’d really rather listen to America the Beautiful.  Lady Gaga MIGHT be able to pull it off, if she gets over herself before performing.)

Meanwhile, let the best team win (from whichever bunch is playing) and let’s get to the WINGS!  (And NOT Paul McCartney and…)  Oh, and no DeFlateGate this year.  They probably got excess monitors out there on football pressure this time.  It’s going to be the sports version of taking your shoes off to board an airplane.

The DIP:


Danish blue cheese + yogurt

Prep Time: 10 minutes.  
Cook Time:  None.
Rest Time:  None needed, but store in the fridge no more than two days.
Serves:  Hey, it’s a condiment.  It serves how many it serves.  It should work for 2 pounds plus of chicken wings, and accompanying veggies.   

Reasonably Healthy Blue Cheese Dressing for Wing or Veggie Dipping

  • 1/2 cup quality plain organic yogurt (Stonyfield or a local brand, or goat yogurt.  Whole milk is fine, or low fat — NOT “no fat”.  Too many extenders in that to be healthy.   Umm, avoid the hype!)  Oh, if you don’t do loads of dairy, you can try coconut yogurt which should have similar enough properties.
  • 1/4 cup blue cheese, chopped into small chunks.

Combine.  Let sit (in the fridge) until ready.



One pound large chicken wings, portions separated.

Prep time:  5 minutes to prep and marinate the wings (unless you also need to cut them up).
They’ll marinate for 2 hours.

Cook time:30-35 minutes.
Rest time:  5 minutes.
Serves:  (I will assume, not rashly, that these are appetizers.  One recipe for three to four people, assuming you have multiple appetizers???)

Buffalo Chicken Wings Redux

  • 1 pound of buffalo wings.
  • about 3/4 cup plain yogurt, see above.
  • about 1/2 – 3/4 bottle of 2  ounce hot sauce, go for your favorite.  (I used Tabasco.)
  • Optional red pepper flakes

Separate the meaty parts of the wings into two, if you bought WHOLE attached wings, and omit the wing tips, which can be reserved in the freezer for eventual incorporation into soup, bone broth, or stew.

I forgot to buy buttermilk (which can be useful for this recipe) but there was plenty of yogurt to hand!

Mix all of the above together — in a plastic bag, or in a bowl.  (The bowl will be more healthy, as I’m not sure what’s getting leached out of plastics these days.)  Allow to marinate for two to twelve hours.

Pre-heat oven (broil on high).

Add optonal red pepper flakes, then remove from bowl, place in pan so that the wings aren’t touching one another, and broil in the oven, 12-15 minutes (depending on wing size); flip them over with tongs, and broil another 12-15 minutes.  If you want, slop on some more hot sauce when you pull them out of the oven.  Or set the bottle out for guests to play with as they will.  (REMINDER:  discard excess marinate, unless you can find a way to cook it — raw chicken has been sitting in it!)

Let them rest five minutes, and serve with the dipping sauce, and some sliced celery sticks and/or bell pepper.

chicken wings, spicy wings, appetizer, yogurt, blue cheese dip

Sitting in marinate, nearly ready for oven.

My earlier chicken wing recipe is here:  Spicy Chicken Wings.

This post has joined the Fiesta Friday , the Real Food Friday, and the Savoring Saturdays link party, where it is having a good time without me… 😉







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7 Responses to Chicken Wings Redux Plus Blue Cheese Dip

  1. Hahaha, great and entertaining post! Wings and dip sound yummy!

  2. Jhuls says:

    These look so good, I love chicken wings. 🙂

  3. Marla says:

    This sounds really tasty and healthy. I make my own yogurt from Raw milk so I could try these. I’m not interested much in sports unless I actually know the players like little league. Thanks for sharing on Real Food Fridays. Pinned

    • I have not yet had the opportunity to try raw milk. I can buy a gallon-size locally, but not since Kindergarten years would I go through even a quarter gallon before it spoils. (I guess this means I need to find people to share raw milk with.)

      When I move sometime this coming year, I’ll have the chance to make my own yogurt, and I am looking forward to that!

      By the way — thanks!

  4. Raia T. says:

    Yum! I love the blue cheese! 🙂 Thank for sharing this at Savoring Saturdays!

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