Dining Out: Yokohama Sushi, New Milford, CT

Dining out at Yokohama

I have to say they had a few dodgy moments a few years ago, but everything I’ve had in the past year or two or more has been superb — fish quality is excellent, and they do make the welcome effort to bring in less-typical seafood for their sushi bar.   Which of course, I oftimes feel obligated to try, but that’s on me!

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Okasame, Sashimi from Heaven…  A recent special.  This was 18 pieces of fish — and I really wanted to take that fish head upper left home with me for seafood bone broth!  I’m sure if I’d asked… At any rate, I ate about all the veggies and apple slices on the plate, too.  Some, such as daikon strips, were buried under.  

Other than their sushi/sashimi, the only things I have tried at this restaurant have been the miso soup (standard), the edamame appetizer (extremely large serving – don’t get it just for yourself), seaweed salad (also about standard), and the age dashi tofu (I definitely like it).  Well, if it matters to you, the hot tea comes with a green tea bag.  They serve a variety of chilled saki beverages as well as Japanese beers, but I’m not really a connoisseur.

Heaven appears to be their head sushi chef, and he’s a very engaging fellow, and does his best to source great tasting and FRESH raw fish for the sushi bar, and yes, that’s the name he goes by here in the States.  I do try to avoid the mayo-laden items — and the “spicy” items that have all that mayo aren’t really spicy anyway, so I’m very much less tempted.  A little bit of coloring, but no real heat.  That’s just as well — I don’t need the extra mayo!  The eel sauce is a bit too sweet (much as I otherwise love eel).  But, hey, I could do without that, too, yes?  And them eels can do without me eating them more than once a year…   I’m quite happy with the rest of the menu, and with the specials that crop up, especially on weekends.  And, it is fresh, yes!  Heaven gets very creative with his presentations.  And if they have ama ebi (sweet shrimp) in-house — the head gets rapidly fried in a very light tempura batter, while the body is served shell-less and raw. And both are excellent!

One of my favorite low-carb rolls here is the Naruto Roll.  Wrap is cucumber “paper” garnered by shredding carefully, and center it  around your various fishes, cucumber, avocado, radishes,etc. ..

Rating:  4.75 – 4.8.  The freshness is not an issue these days; it is the sugary eel sauce and the tasteless “spicy” mayo sauces — and I really shouldn’t be eating those anyway!


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