Mango Lassi

I love a good mango lassi, although I try to limit my consumption of this decidedly rich and carb-loaded beverage.  But it is indeed high in nutritive value, and hence filling.  I am given to understand that the lassi is any type of yogurt (or cream) based beverage originating in India or Pakistan; and that lassi had its origins in the Punjab region.  Some do not even contain fruit.  Indeed, there’s one native to India called “bhang lassi”, which probably soon may be sold in Colorado or Washington state, if it isn’t already…

Mango Lassi in the Garden.  I LOVE spring!

Mango Lassi in the Garden. I LOVE spring!  (PS, this is at least two servings here!)

At one point, I made a delicious shrimp and mango salad, but the last time I purchased regular mangos, they went from hard as rocks to rotten with no intermediate stage.  (They were hard as rocks when I was supposed to bring that salad to a pot luck  — I punted, and the shrimp and no-mango salad was serviceable but didn’t beg me to write it up.)

However, by the time I tried making pear and mango salsa, I’d discovered ataulfo mangos, these at Whole Foods.  They’re smaller, and yellow when ripe.  This is what I used below.

Prep time: 10 minutes.
Cook time: Zilch.
Rest time: Not needed.
Serves:   2 servings.

Mango Lassi

* 2 ataulfo mangos, ripe.  Or one large regular mango, ripe.  In any case, peeled and cored.  I use a spoon to scrape out any lingering pulp from the rind.  If you find other tasty mango types out there, experiment!
* good quality whole milk yogurt OR, for those lactose-intolerant: coconut yogurt.
* 1/4 teaspoon ground cardamom.
* some recipes call for rose water.  Don’t have, didn’t use.
* cold water or milk.

Collect all your mango pulp and add half as much yogurt as mango.  In my case, it was nearly just over 8 ounces/250 ml of pulp (that handy-dandy cup for the immersion blender is great for measuring!) so I added 4 ounces/125 ml yogurt.

Add in the cardamom.

Blend, either using an immersion blender or a food processor.  If using the immersion blender, you may wish to find a larger, but also narrow, container.  I simply did it very carefully.

Gradually mix in a little water (or milk) by spoon to get the stuff to the consistency you like.  This will depend on preference, on ripeness (and type) of the mango, and the consistency of the yogurt you are using.

If you wish, you can pour some over crushed ice just prior to serving.  Sprinkle a dusting of ground cardamom on top if you wish.  Store any extra in the fridge for up to a day.  (Don’t drink it all at once!  At least, not often!)

mango lassi, indian, recipe

Chopped up mango, waiting.

I cannot vouch for the flavor of coconut yogurt, having never tasted it.

Some restaurants add sugar.  But, hey… mangos are plenty sweet enough just as they are!

This lil guy was sitting near the mango cup in the last photo.  Grabbed the macro, and shot him!

This lil guy was sitting near the mango cup in the last photo. Grabbed the macro, and shot him!  No, he is NOT destined to be a menu item in my home! 


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10 Responses to Mango Lassi

  1. Mary Kate says:

    I think the mango in my fridge has just found its (new) purpose. I just need coconut milk yogurt (and it’s a bit sweeter and less tart than regular yogurt, but it works for anything where a little sweet is okay).

    • Let us know how it worked out with coconut yogurt!!!

      • Mary Kate says:

        It worked great — I don’t think this mango was particularly sweet, so the coconut milk yogurt (plain flavor) didn’t add too much sweetness. It was SUPER thick, though, so we added a bit of almond milk to thin it out to drinkable.

      • Yes, even with regular yogurt, this was thick. So was glad to have the opportunity to thin the beverage out. It won’t work in the other direction, obviously!!!

  2. hmm, seems refreshing and delicious drink!!!

  3. The Hungry Southern Wanderer says:

    Great post, just in time for the mangoes to be cheap at the grocery too!

  4. I learned about these last year. One of my children at work would talk about how her mom would give them to her and her brother. So glad to see a recipe for it.

    • This is definitely one of those treats I often like to get at Indian restaurants. But it is good to make at home, and some of those mangos out there are so juicy!

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