Dining Out: Block Island, Rhode Island

Finally, the much-threatened post about eating on Block Island.   No, I didn’t get to try every single eatery there, and there were times we ate in (we had rented a house, and there were ten of us).  We did some things together, and some things separately.

Block Island

The house kitchen on Block Island.  Yes, I did cook there. (Breakfasts, including one which was basically dinner items…)  Had some other food cooked here the day I left — I did not get to attend the blowout dinner hosted that last night, although I understand it was great!

Huckleberry, an awesome mutt (Aussie and retriever background)

Huckleberry, an awesome mutt (Aussie and retriever background), belonging to one of our crew

At any rate, I didn’t meet with anyone until after doing the ferry crossing.  Someone had suggested we try the bloody Mary, and so I did (not realizing you are supposed to save the cup after — it’s plastic but apparently re-usable.  I didn’t have a third hand, so probably just as well.)  The bloody Mary was indeed excellent  and came fully furnished with olives and celery, so I was able to get my veggie food group in.  😉

Captain Nicks:

Captain Nick, Block Island

Yeah, it is a watering hole, but it also has good food.

The first two nights we ate at Captain Nick’s, and apparently the good ole Captain gets a sushi chef in on certain nights (which happened to be those nights)

Captain Nick, Block Island, Sushi, Seaweed salad

Captain Nick’s — Sushi Bob’s — seaweed salad. Huge portion.

He makes a mean seaweed salad, large and full of great seaweed.  The seasoning isn’t typical.  Most of us loved this (there was one of us who disliked this, but I liked it enough to order it two nights in a row).  The stuff on top is cucumber, in case you wonder.

The rolls here are twelve pieces per roll.  There is not a lot of variety, but the fish is indeed very fresh.

No, I don't remember the name of this performer.  Or, of his dog, who was perfectly happy and well-behaved.

No, I don’t remember the name of this performer. Or, of his dog, who was perfectly happy and well-behaved.

There is entertainment at Nick’s.  The first night was less than entertaining, as it was hip-hop DJ’s, but the second night was better, featuring the guy above.



Ballard’s Restaurant

This one is right by the main docks and the ferry slips, which is likely why everyone gravitates here and the prices go UP.  At any rate, I ate here twice (the second time was not my choice — the food was GOOD but price did not reflect portion size and I would have preferred to try a different spot, since one thing Block Island is long on, is food).


The view from the deck. I think they were serving drinks from the structure to the left.

Out back is a nice sized deck, and a good ocean view.  And lotsa sand.

I ordered the littleneck clams in a light broth for my appetizer, and the lobster tacos (which had been recommended to me) for my main.  I don’t remember the price on the appetizer, but the lobster tacos set me back $24.   (The lobster roll was $29; I never ordered it but someone else told me it was pretty puny.)

Ballards Littleneck Clams

Littlenecks – very tasty

$24 for this, some cole slaw, multicolored corn chips, a whiff of salsa

Ballard’s Lobster Taco.  $24

Yes, the meal was excellent, but that’s really not very much lobster in those two tacos.

The last night there, we went as a small group and I ordered the steamed mussels, which were very good, but no photo.

New Harbor Clam Bake:

New Harbor Clam Bake, Labor Day Weekend

New Harbor Clam Bake, with incoming meteor (or lens issue)

I didn’t attend.  I actually walked to New Harbor with the intention of doing so, but it didn’t look quite like my scene (long on the carbs, short on the clams), and besides at least one restaurant in New Harbor sounded just so MUCH more appealing.  I was right…

Dead Eye Dick’s:

Dead Eye Dick, Block Island

Let’s hear it for awesome!

This place was awesome.  I recommend this one whole-heartedly!

Dead Eye Dick, Block Island

Dead Eye Dick’s CLEAR Rhode Island Clam Chowder. Perfect!

First, I started with the Rhode Island Clear Clam Chowder.  The name has to say “clear”, don’t get sucked in by anything else calling itself Rhode Island Clam chowder!!!!  There were plenty of clams, a few potatoes, and the stock definitely was formed from shellfish, and it was tastefully seasoned.  Nice work, guys!  (I am also glad to know I am on the right track in my efforts to re-create this dish in my own kitchen.)

Dead Eye Dick, Block Island, Oysters

Oysters and sauces. I only ordered 3, so the sauce level was overkill.

Next up was three oysters, raw, on the shell.  They were good, and the price was reasonable, if not as good as that of the Shuckin’ Truck back on Point Judith.  (DON’T EVEN ASK about Ballard’s oyster prices… I steered very clear there!)

Dead Eye Dick, Block Island, Swordfish Reuben

Swordfish Reuben

Finally, I had the Swordfish Reuben.  Yes, I know, I cook gluten-free (and low processed carb) at home, but this is a choice for me based on having read Wheat Belly, by William Davis, MD.  I figure it is okay in small amounts.  One of the things Davis points out is that wheat over the last 40 – 50 years has been been modified (by traditional means, not GMO) to produce smaller, more compact, higher-yielding plants) — with the side effect of higher yields of gluten to boot.  That’s why we see all these gluten sensitivities coming to the forefront.  At any rate, this did turn out to be an excellent sandwich.

To be honest, I really wanted to order the Lobster BLT.  But it cost $19.  I thought about how little lobster was in those $24 tacos back at Ballards, and went with the other option.

Dead Eye Dick, lobster BLT, Block Island

Lobster/Avo BLT at a neighboring table. Looks awesome.  $19

Yeah.  Look at that…  I really hoped to get back to this place, but it wasn’t to be.  I am cropping the item from a distance, so it is not a great shot, but better than I expected.  At any rate, I judge Dead Eye Dick’s to have the best food on the island (at least at those places I dined at).

Juice N Java:  

Juice n Java, Block Island

Juice n Java – Close to the ferry

Perhaps a hippy-dippy dining joint, it looks like they have great breakfasts (I made my own so didn’t indulge), but on my last day there, before the ferry sailed, I had a watermelon juice.  Just watermelon and ice.  Still, even without added sugar, it was too sweet for me.

Juice n Java, Block Island, Watermelon

Watermelon juice. Too sweet for me, even though they did not add in sugar.

Here are a few non-food related photos. I do want to say we all had great fun, and on one day I probably walked more miles than I want to think about: from our house to the main harbor, to New Harbor, back down south to the south lighthouse, and so forth.

The house we stayed at.

The house we stayed at.

Deck on the house we stayed at

Deck on the house we stayed at

Wave action

Wave action

More wave action

More wave action


Yak.  There is something resembling a “zoo” on the island.  These photos are from there.

I guess he is shooting the yak's tonsils?

I guess he is shooting the yak’s tonsils?

There's sort of a small "zoo" on the island.  These shots are from there.  I wonder what the guy's tonsil shot ended up as...

“Zedonk” and “Donk”

zedonk -- cross between donkey and zebra, these, like mules, are infertile.

Zedonk — cross between donkey and zebra; these, like mules, are infertile.

African Sulcata Tortoise, basking in his (her?) photo op.

African Sulcata Tortoise, basking in his (her?) photo op.

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