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Roasted Turnips, featuring Kala Jeera

3 medium sized turnips, tops and bottoms cut off and discarded, bad areas cut out, if any.  Chop into 1/2 inch or so segments. 1 smallish yellow or white onion, peeled and  coarsely chopped. Garlic powder Kala jeera seeds (“black … Continue reading

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Nature’s Goodies: Onion Grass

This is first in a series of posts about things appearing wild in my yard.  I’m hoping to track down more that I may not yet recognize, but as I go along, here they will be. Onion grass is indeed … Continue reading

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Shad Fillet

Okay, we know about Shad Roe, and I posted once here about that food. But what happens to the rest of the fish?  You seldom see it on the market.  I suspect the parts of the shad that aren’t roe … Continue reading

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