A Day (Wednesday): Breakfast

I am posting a day in my foodie life, simply because I want to lose a few more pounds, and I figure this is a good and healthy day, and I took pictures of all three meals.

I gained a few unwanteds in November (lots of stress — not going to detail at this time, but swallowing down over 6 donut holes after a co-worker brought a batch of them into work is NOT my normal eating habit to begin with…)

And December, lunch out after lunch out, and then at my brother’s for a week — he’s a great chef but there were things I should have cut back on more than I did, even if I was mostly good about it.

There are really no forbidden foods at all for me, other than potato chips (seriously, I can’t eat just one — the Lays adverts are right) and the fiddlehead ferns (allergic), and most commercial desserts (not quite an allergy but something doesn’t sit well on the tummy with those), but there are foods I’ll limit, but still eat on occasion, if only for the sake of manners.

I limit other processed foods, and meats from non-pastured sources, but if I am a guest at someone’s home, I do the sociable thing (as Michael Pollan recommends, but I decided on this before I read his recommendations…), and eat, even if I limit.  Fortunately, people don’t mind if one chooses not to eat most desserts.  I save my dessert endeavors for things that will add the taste ambiance — and most commercially-made ones will NOT — the pastries and the tummy thing, for one.

I’ve lost two pounds since weighing myself on the 27th of December, after getting back from my holidays spent in Chicago (and yes, they were holidays, not just Christmas:  Solstice and Chanukah were in there, too), as I discovered yesterday, Wednesday.  I want to go down another 13.  Sensibly.  Low-carb.  Which at the moment with all the research I’ve been doing, is the ONLY sensible way for me to do it.  And yes, I want to keep flavors up.  There shouldn’t be a discrepancy.  There isn’t.

Alas, beet “greens” do shrink in size upon cooking…

The below serves one.  Multiply accordingly


1/2 grapefruit.  (no photo)

Egg and veggie:
– 1 farmer’s market pastured egg
–  maybe an ounce of beet “greens”.  Er, beet “purples”  Consider two small handfuls.  Wash and shred apart.
– 1 pat of pastured butter.  Butter does go with beets.  Normally I am an olive oil chick, but do consider a good quality butter.
– dried ground oregano
– ground pepper


The grapefruit and the coffee are self-explanable.  Well, maybe not the grapefruit.   I cut the fruit in half, and with my mother’s old grapefruit knife (small, serrated, and slightly curved), I cut the segments away from the connective tissue, which really doesn’t taste all that great.  I have to comment that grapefruit-preparation is not always self-explanable: at the work cafeteria they seem to simply remove the peel and just chop everything else up, serve it, and think they are done.  Lazy.   Besides, they don’t have to eat it.   Besides, their stuff also tastes like they’ve dumped sugar on it.  Not necessary if you have yourself a quality grapefruit, winter seasonal.

Then I go in with a spoon, and nab each segment for gustatory pleasure.  After, squeeze the fruit into a cup, and drink the remaining juices.


The beet/egg thing:  Put the pat of butter into a small skillet, and melt it on medium heat.

Add the beet greens and move them around until they just begin to get tender.  Push them to one side.

Add the egg, unbroken.  Since this is a really fresh pastured egg, make sure you break up the white part (really fresh eggs tend to clump major portions of their white up).  I just use the spatula.  Reduce the heat just a little.

Flip the beet parts once or twice or so while cooking the egg.

Add the oregano and ground pepper, to taste (and to freshness of your source).

If you wish, make your egg over easy (I do that with jumbo eggs), or over hard.   Otherwise, when the white is set, you should be done.  Decant onto your plate and enjoy.


About goatsandgreens

The foodie me: Low/no gluten, low sugars, lots of ethnic variety of foods. Seafood, offal, veggies. Farmers' markets. Cooking from scratch, and largely local. The "future" me: Building a log home in rural western Massachusetts. Will be raising chickens and goats/sheep. Raising veggies and going solar.
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  1. Beet greens are so delicious – what a great pairing with a perfectly cooked egg!

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