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Buffalo (or Beef) Skirt Steak

This is an adaptation of a marinate useful for either bison or beef — the original recipe, which comes from Wild Idea Buffalo, was for fajitas using either skirt or flank steak.  I opted just to make the marinate (with … Continue reading

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Razor Clams

I can’t believe I’ve yet to write anything about these.  Maybe because they are so simple? Back in Maine in the 70s, we used to catch the occasional razor clam in sandy waters, when we were looking for the more … Continue reading

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Cat Got Your Tongue?

One thing I save up old pickle juice for is to make tongue.  Dill style, not bread and butter pickle juice.  In this case, I saved up my own personally-canned (no sugar added!) dill pickle juice. This is pretty much … Continue reading

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A Day (Wednesday): Dinner

One full day…  One full day of meals, and now we are on dinner.   (I promise I won’t do this often.) I bought lamb chops from the supermarket, grass fed from Australia.  The first part is good, very good, … Continue reading

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A Day (Wednesday): Lunch

Okay, one meal down, camera at the (mostly) ready. Now for lunch, which is what I took to work with me. Tuesday night I’d cooked a whole chicken, ate a bit of that, and portioned out stuff for further meals … Continue reading

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A Day (Wednesday): Breakfast

I am posting a day in my foodie life, simply because I want to lose a few more pounds, and I figure this is a good and healthy day, and I took pictures of all three meals. I gained a … Continue reading

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And no, while I am given to understand that the common name for the plant, vinca, is periwinkle, probably because it comes up with a really neat bluish flower in the spring, I don’t think the plant sometimes named as … Continue reading

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