Poached Eggs Broccolini

I’m working on a longer post involving my recent stay in Virginia, but in the interim, I should post up something or other involving food, because I’m still eating and sometimes photographing.

Yesterday’s breakfast, for instance.

poached eggs broccolini

1 stalk broccolini (a word not recognized by the spellcheck function)
2 eggs
1/2 teaspoon vinegar
water to cover
salt and pepper to taste
a few thin slices of garlic scape

Take the eggs and crack them into a separate bowl.  This way if a yolk breaks, you can punt with scrambled eggs or something else.  Or reserve the egg if you are really in the mood for poached right now, and get another egg out.

Put the water in the pan, add in your broccolini stalk (or two), add the vinegar (it helps keep the egg white together and should not impart any flavor), and turn the heat of your range way up.

As a watched pot never boils, watch this one, and when bubbles start to form in the simmer stage, reduce the heat (on my electric range, I reduce it to “four”).  Don’t let this come to a boil.

Gently roll in your eggs.

Let them lightly simmer there for 3-5 minutes, depending on the size of your eggs (my five minute egg was a duck egg) for soft eggs, then gently with a slotted spoon so that water can drain, pull them out.   Place in a cup or bowl, draining water away, pull out the broccolini and chop it up, add to the eggs.  Add everything else.

Eat and enjoy.

Some like to put this over toast or a muffin, but I’ve been way over-carbed lately, if I may coin a word (which of course my spell checker doesn’t recognize, either).  I don’t miss the carbs.


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