Happy Mother’s Day: Grapefuit Avocado Salad

Mother, who passed away ten years ago, enjoyed cooking alongside Dad.

I figure, in her honor, to make one of her signature dishes today.

Grapefruit Avocado Salad

This one is grapefruit avocado salad, and it’s simple.

Take an equal number of pink grapefruit and avocados, depending on number of people being served.  I’d say three people per two avocados and two grapefruit.

Put down a bed of lettuce on the serving plate or platter.

Peel the avocado and slice artfully if possible, and arrange on lettuce.  (As you can see, I could do with some practice.)

Split, then section the grapefruit, leaving that stringy membrane behind.  Arrange over the avocado slices.

Add dressing.  Growing up, Mother always used Catalina ™ salad dressing.  Unfortunately its formulation has changed over the years, and not for the better.  More sweetener, more unpronouncibles… so I simply drizzled on my own concoction of extra virgin olive oil and apple cider vinegar (in retrospect, red wine vinegar would have been prettier), with a bit of Trader Joe’s 21 Seasoning Salute blend added in.  That’s simply a blend of 21 herbs and spices, no funky ingredients, and no salt.  A good mix of Italian herbs instead would also have worked.  While I miss the Catalina today due to the nostalgia factor, today’s Catalina is not my mother’s Catalina anyway.

Serve and enjoy!  (I had this for breakfast, btw.)  Oh, and don’t forget to squeeze the grapefruit carcass into a mug for later.  Excellent drinking straight up!

To all of you mothers out there, happy Mother’s Day.  (Now, if I could just get the cats to do something special for me…)

About goatsandgreens

The foodie me: Low/no gluten, low sugars, lots of ethnic variety of foods. Seafood, offal, veggies. Farmers' markets. Cooking from scratch, and largely local. The "future" me: I've now moved to my new home in rural western Massachusetts. I am raising chickens (for meat and for eggs) and planning for guinea fowl, Shetland sheep, and probably goats and/or alpaca. Possibly feeder pigs. Raising veggies and going solar.
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