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A Paleo Pot Luck, Sliders, and Condiment Design

This has certainly been the first time I made a hit and run on a supermarket and brought home only veggies. No seafood, no beverages, no oils or vinegars, no packaged items.  (No catfood either, and that one was probably … Continue reading

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The Shad Roe Breakfast

This is the time of year, especially here in New England, where the shad run.  Shad is one of the few fish sought out not for itself, but for its roe, and are they ever spectacular.  Once a year I … Continue reading

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Roasted Beet and Parsnip Salad

3 small/medium beets 1/2 large parsnip avocado oil, to coat ground nutmeg cracked black pepper salad greens, lightly shredded to bitesize, if needed (depicted are baby greens, so I didn’t shred). 2 radishes, quartered 2 slices red onion, chopped maybe … Continue reading

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Turnip, Broccolini, Onion, Mushrooms – Sauteed

Ingredients, in order (without quantities): Avocado oil (it can take high heat, and I wasn’t in the mood for sesame oil flavor today) Cumin seeds Turnip, sliced thin ~ 1/4 inch or so Garlic clove, diced shiitake mushroom, fresh, stems … Continue reading

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How to Roast a Chicken (Teryaki sauce, lemon, potato, onion)

Well, there are lots of ways.  This is just one.  I vary up my roast chickens a lot for the sake of variety. My chicken was a 4.3 pound pasture-raised bird I bought out of the New Milford’s last stand … Continue reading

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Mystery Vegetable

I was reminded of this incident not too long ago in the past by a random conversational comment at work. I’d gone to the supermarket, and had collected various items into my shopping cart.  Rolled up to the cash register, … Continue reading

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Farm To Consumer Legal Defense Fund

Okay, cottage cheese seriously skeeves me out.  I don’t care if it is from pasture-indulgent cows, or from the supermarket; I can’t eat it.  (Okay, if it is cooked into lasagna, then I can deal.)  Milk and direct milk products … Continue reading

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