Mexican and Indian Inspirations from RecipeZaar, errrrr

Two new food creations, both made from recipes found at — er, well, as they now like to be known, as  Frankly, I think they spent a whole lotta money for the new domain name, short but bland.  I liked the old name better.  But anyhow, two recipes, one Mexican, one Indian:

I now do the vegetarian/vegan recipe swap thing, creating a few recipes a month based on things I’ve chosen from select members.  They don’t require you to be a vegetarian/vegan, only that you like cooking vegetarian/vegan for the purposes of their Vegetarian/Vegan community forum, and I do.  The process for the swap doesn’t matter unless you join, but anyhow my chosen recipes this time around included the following two:

Black Bean and Pineapple Quesadilla.

You can find the recipe here.

Anyhow, to follow along:

Sautee the onion and the chili pepper (in my case, half a serreno with a few of the seeds) until the onion gets translucent.

Add refried black beans (which so so downright beat up regular refried beans it isn’t funny), AND add the taco seasoning as requested. The recipe on Recipezaar doesn’t mention the timing on the addition of the taco seasoning, but this is where it makes sense.  Mix all this around on a little heat, but be careful as it may start to burn.  Turn off heat and  get your tortilla placed in an oven-usable skillet or pan.

Smear the black bean/onion/pepper/taco seasoning over one half of the tortilla.

Top with pineapple as it says in the recipe.

Top that with cheddar or Mexican spiced cheeses, shredded.  It looks like this:

Fold over, bake 10-12 minutes in preheated 300 degree F oven.  Serve and eat.  I topped it after cooking with a bit of chopped-up heirloom cherry tomatoes and some of the pineapple, as a relish.  See top photo.

Alright, second recipe, this is the Indian one.  Look for actual recipe here.  Leafy Greens Curry with Mushrooms.

Assemble all your ingredients ahead of time, then substitute curry leaf (which of course you have frozen away in your freezer for such a circumstance) for the fenugreek leaf, which you probably don’t have, or just perhaps have just used up on an earlier recipe.  I wanted to use serreno chili pepper in this recipe but alas had just used the last of that up in a second black bean and pineapple quesadilla, so tough luck here.  Went with the chili powder instead.

I was too busy adding stuff to the skillet and dodging random missives from the cumin and mustard seeds to take more than these two photos.  Although the seeds calmed down upon the addition of that nice and juicy farmer’s market tomato.   Photos are of preliminary items (I notice I missed adding the spiffy Costco Mediterranean sea salt dispenser to the photo, but I did add a little bit of salt to the mix) and of finished product.

Saffron rice would be an excellent idea for a base for this.


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