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Farmers Markets Go Mainstream

Yes.  Some of us at work are dropping mention of this or that farmers’ market, or getting their produce from a CSA somewhere.  The company is even allowing for the arrangement of periodic farm stands during lunches every few weeks, … Continue reading

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Of Wild Smoked Salmon and Cucumber

I was toying with bringing something along the lines of the next appetizer I made to a party I attended last night (although the hosts were supplying most of the food).  However, I spent most of the afternoon at work … Continue reading

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Yes, More Seafood Cheviche

Decided to try my hand at another cheviche dish.  Hot weather and all, not firing up the old oven as often as I might otherwise.   Any excuse, eh? I found very very fresh striped bass at the Atlantic Food … Continue reading

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Yard Forager

Raspberries have just started to appear in these parts, namely in my back yard. These luscious little bursts of flavor are just perhaps nature’s Sweet-Tarts, only so much better. A couple years after taking up residence on this acre, volunteer … Continue reading

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Avocado Mango Salad

You can find the recipe for this one here: I made this one yesterday, because I’d joined a recipe swap on the cooking community named RecipeZaar, in part because it seemed like the social thing to do, but more … Continue reading

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