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Adventures in Crustless Quiche

I’ve never made Quiche before these two recent experiments in quiche-dom.  This is definitely a weekend morning endeavor (or, they are pretty quick for an evening after work)!  But, you definitely can make them ahead and refrigerate for later — … Continue reading

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Whole Trout, Japanese Hot Pot Style

Whole Fish Hot Pot I started writing this up about four months ago, and with one thing and another — mainly getting around to optimizing the photos as much as possible, as well as finding the time — this didn’t … Continue reading

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A Rub with Skirt Steak, Tomatoes and Mushrooms

… and garlic. The rub actually is very simple and basic, and would probably go well with flank steak or other steaks of that ilk.  (Flat iron, hangar, flap…)  Not everything needs to be complicated. For the rub: 1 heaping … Continue reading

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Stuffed Mushroom Caps – Eggplant Base

I was headed to a luncheon potluck, and needed something to bring… Okay, I just adore mushrooms, let’s stuff ‘em!! Crab meat might have been my first choice, but one attendee (there would only be five of us) cannot stand … Continue reading

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Stuffed Peppers, Grain-Free & Vegan-Style

I love stuffing my bell peppers, and those neat little ones you find at farmer’s markets are great!  Good eating size!  Just adapt the below accordingly if you have bell peppers of size.  At any rate, why always use meat? … Continue reading

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Arctic Char: Walking a Cedar Plank

I’ve been offline for a little while as my router/modem went south in a big way.  I’ll give those of you who have had to talk to the voicemail hell of AT&T a little hint told to me by a … Continue reading

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Portobello Pizza

This is a great pizza concept.  You can make individual pizzas using not bread, and not cauliflower, but Portobello mushrooms. Ingredients: Large Portobello mushroom caps (remove any stem) Extra virgin olive oil (optional) Tomato sauce (home-canned or a good grade … Continue reading

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