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Whole Trout, Japanese Hot Pot Style

Whole Fish Hot Pot I started writing this up about four months ago, and with one thing and another — mainly getting around to optimizing the photos as much as possible, as well as finding the time — this didn’t … Continue reading

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Fresh Sardines and Salad – A Meal

Fresh sardines are nothing like the oily, salty things that come out of a tin (although there is a place for tinned sardines — more as an accent to salads, and perhaps, like anchovies, to pizza. Or, as a protein … Continue reading

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Oyster Mignonette

I will indeed post the Block Island portion of my most recent adventure, but for now — this is just a recipe for an oyster mignonette. After eating oysters a few times during this recent trip, I surfed around (the … Continue reading

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Dining Out: Point Judith, Rhode Island

Trip Details:  Destination Block Island, arrival Thursday August 27 and departure Sunday September 1.  Rationale:  Simply to relax and have FUN. Point Judith, Rhode Island, first port of call (This will indeed be followed soon by a Block Island post … Continue reading

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Simple Arctic Char, Take Two

Good day — it is lovely outside, just my type of weather (seventies). I don’t find this fish often enough, but Arctic char is indeed one of my favorites. It is so simple to prepare (as is the best of … Continue reading

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A Weekend Breakfast Delight

The banana and the salmon slices need no introduction.  I do freeze my salmon for a minimum of three days before turning it into sashimi, as here. The Poached Egg On Mushroom Cap with Stuffing, follows.  (Scale up to as … Continue reading

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Swordfish! (with Pear, Cucumber and Onion)

I lucked into some reasonably locally sourced swordfish, and decided to buy it.  I haven’t eaten this particular fish for well over 15 or 20 years, but hey. It is a large fish, so it is a mercury accumulator, so … Continue reading

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Small Plate: Tuna, Pear, Cucumber, Nori

Hope everyone here in the northeast has pulled out of that snow storm! This “recipe” is easy, no cooking involved. Raw, actually. This was my morning’s breakfast, no kidding. I allow myself to eat unusually at whim. Per person: 1/2 … Continue reading

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Norwegian Salad: Herring & Lox

The Gutenberg Project is trying to digitize as many old books (copyright has run out on) as they can, and you can get some of them for free on Amazon, and no doubt, other places.  I’m finding the really old … Continue reading

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Eel…. and Olive.

I had over 2/3rd of an eel left over from Christmas Eve; decided to figure out something fun to do with it, with sort of a Mediterranean flair. So here we go: 2/3rd eel (or the full thing if you … Continue reading

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