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Lobster Salad with Tomalley Dressing

As you’ve probably gathered by now, I tend to eat everything except the squeak on things I cook. They had a Fourth of July sale on lobster near by, so I bought one for eating later the following week.  I … Continue reading

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Dining out in Massachusetts: Salem and Gill

I want to take this opportunity to introduce everyone to fine dining in Massachusetts, if only in a couple of destinations. However, since this is a food blog, and I took no photos of food during either visit, I’m going … Continue reading

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Of Goats and Greens at Four Years

It has been four years of blogging, with my first post uploaded on June 12, 2010.  I had hoped to have my 200th blog post coincide with the time, but I’ll be off by about a month or so. For … Continue reading

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EPIC Protein Bars & a News Item

For me, this is history in the making.  I’ve never eaten a protein bar ever.  I’ve heard about them, but they sounded dry and uninteresting, and when I got to the point in my life where I started reading food … Continue reading

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Catalina on My Mind (Artichokes with Catalina-like Dressing)

Okay, forget meatloaf, and mac and cheese, and chicken pot pies.  Those are other people’s comfort foods — although there was always something about the texture of that pie crust of a chicken pot pie,  when it met the starchy … Continue reading

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Too Many Cookbooks?

Yes, probably, but I will let you know some were gifts, some were things I picked up at tag sales or library sales, and some were outright free from the book exchange table at the Litchfield Farmers’ Market (to which … Continue reading

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Dining Out: Point Judith, Rhode Island

Trip Details:  Destination Block Island, arrival Thursday August 27 and departure Sunday September 1.  Rationale:  Simply to relax and have FUN. Point Judith, Rhode Island, first port of call (This will indeed be followed soon by a Block Island post … Continue reading

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Eggselection Protection…

I am going on a road trip tomorrow, and decided hard-cooked eggs and some raw veggies would serve for lunch. I am totally stunned by this egg that did not spew its innards all over the pot,  despite the severe … Continue reading

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Baked Eggs with Veggies & Goat Cheese

Eggs are one of the most complete foods out there — all the nourishment for the baby chick to be in one nice package.  And most of this is in the yolk, although some good protein is obtained from egg … Continue reading

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Sauteed Tempeh

This post gets into both Tempeh, commentary on my food plan for the month, recommended yogurts, and the like.  No, the tempeh recipe does not contain dairy — this recipe is strictly vegan.   I am actually on my own … Continue reading

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