Hello, folks!   I like to write, and I like to cook and play with my camera, so here’s a blog for all of this. I’m still just setting up, but the intent will to write about anything that relates to food that interests me.  There will be some recipes and some poking around the rest of the Web and riffing off of that, and there will be thoughts about food and diet and agriculture in general, too.  Even as I write this blog, some of the nuances of how I choose to eat are changing.

As for the title:  some day I want to raise goats and chickens.  I also want to plant more veggies than I can in my current shade-strewn home.  I’d like, actually, to raise nearly all my vegetables at home, some day.  (With the exception of essentials such as avocado and artichoke.)

You can reach me by e-mail at:  tdiann at gmail.com   (change the “at” to an “@” and remove spaces).

5 Responses to About

  1. Ute says:

    Hi there,

    I’m writing to you on behalf of FastPaleo.com to see if you would be interested in sharing some of your recipes with us. We’re a recipe sharing site with a database of more than 2,500 recipes and constantly growing. Every time you upload a recipe we post to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, and of course we always link back to you. We also do special blogger shoutouts on Facebook, thus creating lots of traffic for your blog.

    To upload a recipe, simply go to FastPaleo.com and follow the instructions! Would love to see your name pop up there soon!


  2. Carla says:


    I just came across of Goats and Greens in a very specific internet search on foraging by season in New England. I am extremely interested in beginning foraging for the first time, but do not want to poison myself or my family. Do you know of any knowledgeable foragers in the Massachusetts South Shore area that I might be able to reach out to?



  3. Roland! says:

    I like your focus on ‘real food.’ You choose a lot of ingredients and combinations that many Americans aren’t used to. Are you from around here? My wife is from Bulgaria, and a lot of your food choices remind me of hers. :D

    • Actually, I was lucky to be exposed to a variety of cuisines growing up in formative years in New York City, with its diverse cuisines, raised by adventurous and experimenting (especially in the food department) parents. Thanks, I really do prefer “real food”.

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