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Southern-Style Collards and Ham Hocks

Going home from Virginia (which post is coming shortly, I promise!), I stopped at Dietrich’s, a Pennsylvania-Dutch meat place that’s a must-see for omnivores and carnivores who happen along Route 78. Yes, as the sign says, they really DO carry … Continue reading

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Poached Eggs Broccolini

I’m working on a longer post involving my recent stay in Virginia, but in the interim, I should post up something or other involving food, because I’m still eating and sometimes photographing. Yesterday’s breakfast, for instance. 1 stalk broccolini (a … Continue reading

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Poultry Gizzards and Hearts

Nothing like going out of town for a few days to encourage one to clean out the fridge.  I found a recipe for gizzards that incorporated Thai seasonings and adapted the veggie portion with what was at hand. About 300 … Continue reading

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Local, Green, Sustainable, or Something: Breakfasts & Brunches

Commentary on morning visits to two sustainable-food restaurants Community Table and Green Granary  The sign said: “Ct Community Table“ It was fall, and I was speeding up north on Route 202 either to go to Massachusetts, or to visit the … Continue reading

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Simple but Cooling Cucumber Salad

Just something simple, to bring to a pot luck.  Recommended on a really hot day, cucumber is so cooling! 1.5 cucumbers.  (I used one English seedless, and half  a regular supermarket one.  I peeled the latter of its skin.) 1/3 … Continue reading

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One Year of Blogging about Buildings & Food

To borrow and twist a title from the band, Talking Heads. One year later, about 35 pounds less in weight, two extra cats in my life, about three less trees in the yard, and a whole passel of home improvement … Continue reading

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Just a Passing Storm

Thursday night, the 9th, around about 5 pm, a storm raced through western Connecticut, initiated by a massive blast or blasts of wind, whipping trees, I’m told, near horizontal, with cloud to ground lightening strikes, followed by rain, heavy hail, … Continue reading

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Simmered Artichokes and Kohlrabi

Artichokes:  Procured from the supermarket, most likely hailing from California.  (Cynara cardunculus, in the thistle family) Kohlrabi:  Procured from the New Milford Farmer’s Market.   (Brassica oleracea Gongylodes group) (Note:  The charcoal grill on which these kohlrabi lay was used for … Continue reading

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Grillin’ Up Pork Sausage Patties!

I just recently replaced an ancient charcoal grill.  It used to be my parents, but even when they gave it to me, the bottom had rusted out and so I hadn’t used it much.  The item however, was far more … Continue reading

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The World’s Second-Easiest Strawberry Recipe!

Recipe: Strawberries Almond meal Take however many fresh strawberries, preferably organic or home-grown (apparently strawberries pick up pesticides readily, and in conventially commercial enterprises they keep hold of the toxins), remove stem, and wash them. While still wet, roll them … Continue reading

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